7 Types Of Secret Crushes You All Will Always Have

7 Types Of Secret Crushes You All Will Always Have

By The Times of India on March 18, 2015
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Crushes are a part of our life. Secretly, we all keep a little corner for the ‘special ones.’ We don’t want much from the crushes but their presence definitely makes us elated. So here is a list of crushes that women-men would never admit to out loud because it’s so ‘inappropriate’ but secretly their behaviour changes when those ‘special ones’ are around…do read ..1.The stranger
You coincidentally meet this guy everywhere: near your house, at the grocery shop, when you take the dog out for a walk, or when you go out for shopping with your mom – you see him everywhere. Eventually, you start dressing up nicely for the stranger and you make sure that your hair looks perfect, even when you go to the market to run an errand.

2. The boss
If you are fortunate enough ever to have a happy-go-lucky, smiling, hot boss (lucky you!) then to have a crush on that corporate creature is natural. Here’s the upside: That may actually make you feel more motivated to do good work, to earn an appraisal and praise from him…all so that he notices you.

3. The brother’s friend
This type of a crush brutally breaks the bro (or friend) code, but at the same time it’s the most fascinating type of crush too. Thanks to your brother/friend, because of him/her you get to meet him more often and secretly enjoy his company. And one more thing, disclosure of this type of crush can actually lead to much trouble!

4. The teacher
Aside from home, we actually spend most of our time in school, tuitions and college, with our teachers. Teachers give us advice, shower their affection, and think of our betterment, so getting attached to your teacher is natural but sometimes in you unintentionally shape our attachment in form of a crush. This could be dangerous as well, so tread carefully. But you could use it to your advantage by doing well in academics to gain his/her attention.

5. Best friend’s boy friend
You act like a third wheel in your best friend’s relationship; she shares every single thing with you about her guy. You secretly start admiring him as you like they way he expresses his love for her, and how he cares for her. Gradually, you start to wish for the same kind of partner and sooner than you think, he becomes your crush. Obviously, you can’t even discuss this with your bestie! Sometimes this type of crush turns into slush when you start scheming in your mind to separate them.

6. The distant cousin
He is your ‘door ka rishtedar’ who you meet only at all the family functions and celebrate most festivals with, hence developing a liking for him/her. This type of crush actually makes you more social in the family, because to meet him more often you visit your relatives. You even start contributing more to the family work, only to impress him.

7. The co-traveller
You meet that good looking guy or girl on a flight or a train, and somehow other attraction feel feeble in front of them. Their company is what makes your journey more enjoyable and memorable.


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