7 Ultimate Tips To Effective Instagram Marketing 

7 Ultimate Tips To Effective Instagram Marketing 

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on October 30, 2020
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The user data from Instagram shows that up t0 80% of its registered users tend to follow a business profile. This makes the social media channel a perfect way to engage with your potential customers and capture sales. To get the best of Instagram marketing, you need not only to amass tens of thousands of followers but also must understand the nitty-gritty of what goes into a solid Instagram marketing campaign.

Social media has changed the way marketing used to be done. Today, you need more than just a simple website to net sales. In this article, we will be taking you the best tips and strategies to have a successful Instagram marketing campaign that grows your business. If you would like to buy Instagram views and reduce the time for building a large follower base, you will be pleased to learn that websites like likes.io provide these for sale. Read on to learn more.

DIY Instagram Marketing

Start by creating an Instagram account. It’s usually a simple process that you can accomplish with just a few steps.

For small businesses, it is mandatory to create an account or convert an existing IG account into a business account.

Next, you will need to connect your Facebook, Instagram, and eCommerce platform.

Lastly, you can integrate your product catalogs, something that’s crucial in enabling you to directly tag products in the app.

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Optimize Your Instagram Account

After opening your business Instagram account, the next important thing is to choose a profile picture. The profile picture you choose is the first thing your customers will see. For this reason, it’s critical to keep your profile image consistent not only with your branding but also with other visual markers.

You may use your logo as your profile picture or even another familiar picture. Instagram profile pictures come cropped in a circle so leave plenty of space around the image corners.

Next up, you need to have your Instagram bio set up. You have a maximum of 150 characters to craft your bio. Therefore, you need to summarize who you are and what you do directly and concisely. Because Instagram bios are not searchable, you should not worry about hashtags or keywords.

You can include a call-to-action in your bio, like asking them to visit your website. You are even allowed to feature a URL in your bio and send outbound traffic from your Instagram account.

Formulate a Strategy

Begin by putting in place a content calendar. With this calendar, you and your team will find it easy to organize and schedule content effectively.

Next, come up with post templates that you will need for the various stories and posts. Programs like Sketch and Photoshop help you to easily design these templates. The objective is to ensure that your branding coincides with your Instagram stories and other promotions.

If you don’t have many followers on your account, you may want to buy Instagram views to get off the ground much faster. likes.io, for instance, is a legit and reputed site where you can buy these views and ensure that you don’t wait for several months to find a good following that you can promote your products or services to.

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Use Branded Community Hashtags to be Outstanding

Instagram is an incredibly busy place, and it can be particularly difficult for small businesses that are just starting to be heard or seen.

Instagram is a busy place, and for small businesses starting on the platform, it can be particularly hard to be seen or heard.

However, word-of-mouth marketing, as happens in IRL business, helps a lot to build the reputation of a brand on Instagram. Thankfully, there is a simple way of achieving this and it’s through coming up with a community of followers complete with a branded hashtag for spreading the word.

Interact with other Instagram users.

Just like marketing with other social media channels, interacting with your followers is incredibly important. Here are some tips to help you interact with your followers better:

Liking: It’s one of the simplest ways to connect with your followers. It involves either double-tapping the post or tapping on the heart icon just beneath the post.

Commenting: You can also comment on a photo of the people you follow just to show that you care. If possible, accompany your comments with emojis and ensure that they are long enough.

Mentioning: Just like Twitter, Instagram also allows you to tag other users by using @ symbol.

Direct messaging: You can respond to other user’s posts by sending them a direct message. This feature allows you to send private messages, videos, and photos that enable you to interact with them better.

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Use a Digital Agency

One option you may want to turn to is a marketing agency. From advising you on where to buy Instagram views to the simple things like setting up your account, a competent agency can be key in kick-starting your Instagram marketing campaign.

Agencies have a lot of experience in digital marketing and can often be relied on to provide an informed perspective on the best Instagram marketing strategy. If you are new to things like Instagram and the like, you may want to link up with a professional agency to handle the side of Instagram marketing.

Test Target Markets

Another essential feature of Instagram is that it lets you understand and test target markets. Initially, testing might appear like a tedious job, but it’s crucial because finding the right audience makes developing a strategy easier.

When target-testing, make sure you focus on the demographic profile of your brand’s followers. If you already have an existing business account on Instagram, it’s incredibly easy to check their demographic profile.

Testing target markets is advantageous for several businesses, particularly fashion brands. By understanding your market better, you will know the likes and dislikes of your customers and know what photos and promotions they have already seen. In the end, you will come up with unique promotional tips that are likely to attract sales for you.


Instagram has one billion users every month, which makes it a hot place to try and market your products. Apart from growing your followers organically, there is also the buy Instagram views option which enables you to acquire a large number of followers and kick-start your campaign. If you decide to go this route, you must vet the website you buy your Instagram followers from. One company that has been proven to be credible is likes.io. It is reputable and as shown by customer reviews, sells credible Instagram views.


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