7 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Followers With Automation

7 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Followers With Automation

By Ryan Kh | Business Contributor on December 12, 2018
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Getting started with Instagram can be a slow and time-consuming process. Finding people to follow that fit your target demographic, taking the time to interact with them authentically and hoping they’ll follow you back is a perfectly suitable approach. However, you can give your progress a real boost by using Instagram automation.

An automated service can provide you with the ability to follow users, add likes and make comments through an automated system. It saves you a great deal of time when you’re just starting out, but this type of service has to be used strategically in order to avoid being spammy or getting yourself banned from the platform. Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to boost your Instagram followers with automation.


Understand Automation

First, you should have a thorough understanding of what Instagram automation is and what it can do for you before diving headfirst into using such a service. As noted, improper use can actually do more harm than good for your Instagram account. Automation is simply a service that is able to automatically perform certain actions on behalf of your social media account.

Typically, these programs are run by AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Instagram automation lets you automatically follow profiles, unfollow profiles, like posts, send direct messages, write comments, like comments and upload scheduled posts. Automation gets more done in less time and can truly be the boost you need to gain momentum as you begin to attract and engage followers authentically. You do need to take care not to overdo it, though.

Use Just One Automation Tool

Don’t get carried away. That means you definitely don’t want to employ more than one automation tool at a time, thinking you’ll get more accomplished with additional resources. That’s simply not the case, and it will more than likely backfire on you. Automatic actions taken by multiple services will send a red flag to Instagram.

You could very well find your account banned for engaging in this practice. Also, be careful not to manually duplicate any activities that your Instagram automation bot is currently taking care of for you. This is also something that will raise suspicion. So, take a break from liking posts if you’ve got your automation set to do that task for you.


Be Patient

Even though automation is less time consuming than doing everything on your own, it still takes time to build a genuine following. Real people are on the other end of your automated tasks. It will take them time to follow through with prompts. For instance, you can set your automated service to follow users that fit into particular demographics for your brand. The service will take care of that, but people will only return the follow when they have the time to check out your account and see what you have to offer. They may decide not to follow you at all, and that’s okay. This is a process, and it will time.

Target Your Audience Carefully

Instagram demographics matter when you’re deciding the types of people you want to follow and attract to your brand. You need to choose your specific targets carefully or else you won’t be as likely to connect with users who will love what you have to offer. There’s not much point in cultivating a lukewarm following.

Knowing your intended audience is key to attracting the right crowd and setting your automation targets correctly. Consider the types of people you want to direct your message toward. It may be wise to look to your competitors to narrow this down a bit. See what works for them and think about the ways in which you differ.

Then add specific targets accordingly. Does location matter when it comes to your offerings? If so, add the proper range to your specifics. You may even wish to target specific hashtags. This is a great way to find the people who are interested in your niche. Don’t forget to monitor your automation metrics to determine which targets are working and which aren’t. You can tweak things as needed.


Pay Attention to Your Rates

The rate of followers is important when it comes to automation. You don’t want to follow too quickly or it will look unnatural, gaining suspicion. You’re only allowed to follow 7,500 accounts at a time on Instagram. Don’t try to reach that number too quickly. Try to keep your following target realistic in accordance with the number of current followers you’re gaining.

Continue to Focus on the Content

Instagram automation can help you to grow a following, but it shouldn’t be doing all the work for you. Your content is ultimately what draws quality followers. Automation can gain the attention of users, but it’s what you post that will cause them to follow you and entice them to stay. Be sure not to let your content strategy go by the wayside simply because you’re automating things. Automation is meant to give you a boost. It’s what you do authentically that matters most when it comes to social media success.

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Don’t Automate Everything

Finally, automation is great. However, you probably don’t want to automate every action possible. Stick with the basics such as liking, following, unfollowing and scheduling. Automated comments and direct messages can get messy. It’s hard for a bot to sound realistic and genuine. People don’t want to be spammed or scammed. If they receive any indication of such, they will not follow you. You could get flagged or banned.

There you have seven essential ways to boost your Instagram followers with automation. An automated service can be quite valuable, as long as you use it responsibly.


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