8 Things To Consider Before Making A Sex Tape For Fun

8 Things To Consider Before Making A Sex Tape For Fun [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

By Lifestyles | The Trent on May 22, 2015
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t would be easy for me, the “porn star,” to tell you bro’s to be yourself and act natural when filming your sex acts, but … it’s not and I understand that very much. Sex on tape is not for everyone, but if you are ready to take that step, think of these things first…

  • This tape will be out there forever.  AND EVER.  Do not make a sex tape unless you are comfortable with the idea is could potentially make its way out of your hands and into the view of family, friends, co workers, and peers… If this didn’t scare you then read on 🙂
  • Put on a performance!  Make it a show, for Christ’s sake you are exposing your most personal act on film, go out with a fucking bang- literally and figuratively.
  • Practice makes perfect!  Watch all those porn videos( #payforyourporn) and then give it a go! Maybe use some fun moves and positions you don’t normally do in your personal life
  • Interview yourself after with your partner and talk to the camera about how fun it was and how it felt etc.. its an interesting moment- post sex.  Sometimes on set we are asked to do this for consent reasons as well as entertainment.
  • Open up to the camera! We want to see that insertion action and internal pussy stuff right?  Think of the most sensual stuff you have seen and mimic it!
  • Get creative– Make up your own funny move, don’t take this too seriously…it is sex and it is a home made sex tape, remember that!
  • CONSENT IS KEY: If you are thinking of black mailing your significant other/releasing this without permission, I would cut off your dick myself 🙂
  • Add your touch!  Not all porn is created equal, let the sex tape reflect your personality and your partners, for instance: Wear what turns one another on, do sexual acts that you love to watch so when you play it back you can get off and make it memorable! 

Do people really make sex tapes for free? Joking.  I mean…I did once before porn!  With an ex sex partner named Dan. He was a dick head.  He made a personal video of our romp and didn’t get a copy ;/  Which kind of sucks, but lesson learned, make sure BOTH parties have copies!!!

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