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8 Things You Should Not Do To Your Hair

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#1 No Haircuts

It is sure nice to have long, sexy hair, but to achieve that look cutting you hair every now and then is extremely important. When the ends of your hair become damaged and split they would not grow as they should anymore, so it is really important to go to a great hairdresser and let them work their magic.

#2 Too Much Heat

Straight hair and perfect curls are of course very beautiful to look at, and extremely popular nowadays, however, it is one thing if you do it for special occasions, and completely another if this is done every day. Even if you use heat protection your hair will not be able to endure all this heat, which will come from your everyday use of ironer or curler. Try treating you hair with a bit more respect if you do not want it to become all thin and boring.

#3 Colouring

Try waiting until your hair will be gray, and you would really want to colour it. Of course a little bit of experimenting is not that bad at all, but some people simply overdo it. Changing your hair colour every month and especially bleaching it will damage your hair beyond repair. In the end all you would be able to do it would be simply cutting the damaged hair off.

#4 Smoking

It is not only hair that smoking damages, but your whole body. It is however a big no no to smoke cigarettes every day, and your hair will soon start to show the damage this bad habit caused , it will get weaker and thinner in no time.

#5 Always Wearing Your Hair Up

Sure we all just love to put our hair in a simple ponytail and we are ready to go, it is of course totally acceptable to do this when you just do not have time to wash your hair or when they get in your way, but not all the time. Using hair rubbers too often can damage you hair, especially if you use the ones with aggressive metal parts.

#6 Lack of Conditioner

Simply washing your hair is often not enough, because to really achieve that super shiny and soft hair you will need something more. Try to find a conditioner that fits you, look for the ones made by organic products, and the ones that are not full of silicones, which can make your hair, look greasy and heavy.

#7 Excessive Brushing

My grandmother used to brush my hair all the time, and she thought she did what she is supposed to do, but nowadays researches show that brushing your hair too much can actually damage it. So instead of picking brush up all the time, try styling your hair just with fingers now and then, be gentle and your hair will be grateful.

#8 Treat Them with No Respect

Our hair is a big part of us, it is exposed to weather, heat, cold, and that is why apart from our skin, we need to protect it the most. If you want healthy hair, which will simply shine and feel soft, I strongly advise you that you not only read these seven tips, but moreover, follow them.

(Via Teen’s Digest)

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