8 Tips To Follow Everyday For Gorgeous, Clear Skin

8 Tips To Follow Everyday For Gorgeous, Clear Skin

By Beauty And Tips on October 29, 2015

How to get clear skin? Perhaps all of us have felt a pang of envy towards those lucky ladies who seem to have been blessed with naturally flawless skin. You meet a woman with porcelain-like face and you start thinking about all the imperfections you find on your own face, thinking about how hard it must be to achieve that gorgeous, glowing completion. But it’s not that difficult, you know, because the perfect skin is not just something you’re born with. It takes care. Regular care. Here are some tips to consider if you want to get that gorgeous, flawless and clear skin.

1. Exercise regularly…and we don’t only talk about your body

Regular exercise is vital for your whole body, and this includes your skin. Workouts stimulate the blood circulation and good blood circulation means supple skin, because it’s the blood that carries nutrients to every cell in your body. Yet, when it comes to flawless skin, exercise also means workouts for the face, as well as special massages. These face workouts will keep your facial muscles toned, so they will do a better job supporting your skin. In case you’re wondering, there are over 20 different muscles in your face. Impressive, isn’t it?

2. Don’t skip washing your face

With so many skin products out there it’s easy to forget that the simple face washing is also a must. There’s a catch, however: the frequency of washing depends on your skin type. If your skin is dry, maybe it would be wiser to wash your face just once or twice a day, but if your skin is on the oily side, twice or three times would be better. In any case, use lukewarm or cold water and stay away from harsh soaps, since they additionally dry the protective layer of natural oils your skin secretes. When choosing soaps natural soaps are much preferable.

3. Use natural beauty ingredients

Another tip on how to get clear skin is to use natural beauty ingredients. The main advantage of natural skin treatments, such as fruit masks and plant-derived oils, is that they are much purer than the products you can purchase in stores. Natural beauty ingredients are much gentler on your skin and the chances of you having an allergic reaction to an ingredient are much, much smaller. Of course, since natural products don’t act as fast, as scientifically developed dermatological formulas, you can simply combine these two types of treatments. However, it’s best to chose organic options of creams.

4. The right sunscreen takes some research

We’re sure you don’t need reminding that sunscreen is a daily necessity, not a beach accessory, so to say. However, there are differences between sunscreens, too. First of all, you want a broad-spectrum product, because it will block all UV rays – UVA, which are the ones that actually burn your skin, and UVB, which cause wrinkles and fine lines. Also, choose your SPF number carefully. For a normal day outside you need 30 or above, especially if you have fair skin and if it burns easily. For the beach, go for SPF45 or above. Apply it generously and enjoy beautiful, sunny weather.

5. Exfoliate in the shower

We all know how essential exfoliation is, but have you wondered what’s the best way to do it? Exfoliating while taking a shower will make the treatment much more effective, because of the steam. Steam, by the way, doesn’t mean that the water should be super-hot, just warm enough water would produce the steam necessary to open up your pores and make exfoliation much more effective. And here is one important reminder – don’t overdo the exfoliation though, otherwise your skin can become dry and itchy.

6. Gently dab and pat, but don’t rub!

This is an Asian beauty secret and, given the obsession of Asian cultures with the perfect skin, it pays to heed the advice. Whatever you put on your face – lotions, moisturisers, creams or oils – gently dab and pat the product on your face, rather than harshly rubbing it in. Dabbing and patting seems to be more gentle to the skin and it also helps you to not put too much of anything. In case you’re worrying that the excess cream will stay on your face, stop worrying – your skin will soak in just as much, as it needs.

7. Don’t overdo it with makeup

Another tip on how to get clear skin is to avoid overdoing it with makeup. Supermodels often mention getting breakouts during fashion week season, because of the tonnes of makeup they need to wear a lot of the time. This should serve as a warning to all of us, ladies. Don’t pile up beautifying products on your face every day and your face will show its gratitude by being soft, supple and glowing from within. And if your skin is soft, supple and glowing from within, you won’t need that much makeup, right? Try to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty, rather than to disguise imperfections.

8. Eat, pray, sleep…and drink water

Yes, the water-drinking tip is the oldest trick in the book but, you know, water doesn’t just come in bottles. Fresh fruit and veggies also contain large amounts of water, so get your fill of those, which come with additional benefits, such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients, not to mention that they’re usually tastier than water. Don’t forget to get your beauty sleep, use prayer, meditation and relaxation techniques if you’re stressed, because sleep is indeed a marvelous natural healer and it can do wonders for the beauty of your skin.

Do you have other tips for clear skin?

Stay beautiful!

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