Hey Couples, Here Are 12 Unusual Places To Have Sex

Hey Couples, Here Are 12 Unusual Places To Have Sex

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It is very unusual to have sex in the most unexpected places. A lot of us had such experience. Sometimes it was a banal lack of a place for sex or just unexpected passion, and there was no choice but to find a place for sex. The most unusual place strengthened sensations and desires. We have determined the best places for having sex according to this article: https://j4l.com/blog/sex-tips/sex-with-a-russian-girlfriend-what-how-and-how-long/ Take a note!

Dressing room

This is perhaps one of the most popular extreme places for sex, especially in summer. Shopping centers are filled with people, air conditioners work, everyone does their work. The main thing is to choose a store with convenient fitting rooms that have latches.



Of course, it is advisable to choose not a small one but something more spacious. Just stop an elevator between the floors if this option is provided.

couple sex
Couple car-sex. (Photo Credit: rushlane.com)

Open all the windows and drive along the road, stop somewhere on the side of the road and have sex in a car! However, you can do this in the center of the city, standing in a traffic jam if the car’s windows are blacked out. It is a classical variant!

pillow cinema
A pillow cinema

Remember how you kiss in the cinema when were 18 years old? The cinema is a classic place for fast (and not very) sex. Firstly, it’s dark and noisy, so the chance to draw attention is not very big. Secondly, you can program the mood of your companion by choosing a film (don’t expect to get sex on melodrama). The only drawback is that, as a rule, only oral sex is possible in the cinema. However, there is usually no people in the morning sessions …

office restroom
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This is one of the most unusual places for sexual congress. Whether it is a public restroom or you are at home – it doesn’t matter. This place is extremely intimate itself and there is a washing machine, a bath, a shower. It’s up to you where to have sex.

couple tent sex


Forest, fire, two glasses of wine, sounds of wildlife – all this entail the logical conclusion of the evening. Besides, it’s not hot and warm at the same time in the forest at night. Nature is the most extreme place for sex!


Fire escape

If you have only 15 minutes, the elevator doesn’t work, the toilets are closed, the fire escape is always open to you. Obviously, it is worth choosing one of the upper floors – there are not many people.

office space


A good office desk has to bear your weight! If you are lucky enough to have your own office, you know how to have sex there even without our advice. A chair or a sofa will be appropriate as well. But look around isn’t there any camera?

sex private jet


Are you going to have a rest? Start right on the plane. But there is one minus – toilet cubicles are terribly small.

hotel sex
Hotel Room: Stock Image

Many lovers try to create for themselves a temporary love nest just in a hotel. And they are right. Hotel rooms are the most convenient for sex: for example, annoying neighbors will not interfere you, the phone will not ring at the most inopportune moment, and uninvited guests will certainly not come with an unexpected visit. By the way, there is always something vicious and brutal in the hotel atmosphere, something that awakens a great desire to have a wonderful sexual experience . And it does not matter where you get a room – in your city or somewhere else. Order champagne and other delights and spend a few days without getting out of bed!

FILE: A restaurant at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, USA boy
FILE: A restaurant at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, USA

Public places are ideal for extreme sex. If the desire is torn out, then don’t pay attention to morals and plunge into the process. But you always have to be alert. However, the acuity of sensations will only intensify from this.

woman shower sex


The process of visiting a sauna is very pleasant and useful. And the place itself simply radiates unusual ions of sexual energy. Of course, it is better to have sex in the pool, in the shower or on the sofa. The most unforgettable experience waits for you there!


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