9 Tips For Choosing The Best ELISA Kits, And Where To Buy...

9 Tips For Choosing The Best ELISA Kits, And Where To Buy Them

Finding the best ELISA kits on the market is very important if you want your research results to be comprehensive and accurate.

ELISA kits are widely used for quantitation and detection of molecular targets in both biological samples and cell culture. There are a many ELISA kit options on the market, and finding the right one can be challenging. This is why we created a list of things to look for, with a list of the best companies that offer ELISA kits that offer great quality and great value.

How can you choose the best ELISA kit?

There are lots of things to keep in mind when it comes to finding a good kit to test antibodies. Figuring out what ELISA kits are suitable for your needs is not a walk in the park however. There are lots of different options to consider, and each one has its own pros and cons. Here are some tips to help you find one of the best ELISA kits to suit your requirements.

  • Pricing is important, ELISA kits tend to be around 96T, so shipping costs can also be a factor here. Based on your budget, you might end up restricted to some very specific options, so that’s certainly the type of thing you want to keep in mind.
  • References are important too. If you can find researchers and documented options, you will notice results can be amazing every time. The focus has to be on working with vetted professionals who know how to create the best ELISA kits. Doing that can make quite the difference.
  • You want to choose ELISA kits that have simple protocols, a short experiment time, and a very convenient operation. This way you can perform any antibody test a lot faster.
  • ELISA kits tend to come with a variety of detection systems. These include luminescent methods, fluorescent or colorimetric methods. The detection device, microplate, enzyme-substrate reaction conditions and many others will also be crucial here.
  • The performance of ELISA kits will be assessed with help from linearity and recovery experiments. Thankfully, most suppliers give you linearity and recovery data. Dynamic range and sensitivity are also important factors. When you want to find the best ELISA kits for your own needs, you need to study and compare all the parameters, linearity and recovery data to ensure everything works the way you would expect.
  • Sample size is also very important. Most ELISA kit options have 100ul, and they go down to around 10ul. As you can imagine, it all comes down to your needs here so you have to choose accordingly for the best results.
  • Sensitivity requirements are crucial too. In case the analyte sample concentration is low, you need ELISA kits with high sensitivity. If not, you go the opposite route.
  • Checking with the ELISA kit supplier to see what antibodies are in the kit helps a lot. Some of us need specific antibodies, so it makes sense to double-check before you commit to this.
  • Go with validated ELISA kits if you use samples from a classical model. If the samples are from a non-classical model, then you can go with one of the limited amounts of commercial ELISA kits.

Now that you know what type of features you need to focus on, it’s a very good idea to figure out what type of ELISA kit should you focus on the most. Each one of these has its pros and cons, so you have to adapt to the process to see how you can tackle it correctly. Check these great manufacturers of ELISA Kits and see which one suits your needs.

Bosterbio https://www.bosterbio.com/ 

Bosterbio is an antibody manufacturing company. The business specializes in creating high specificity and high sensitivity antibodies for WB and IHC and premium quality ELISA kits. Bosterbio was founded in 1993 by a PhD pathologist Dr. Steven Xia, and the company has, over the past few decades, continued to perfect the technology and offer customers the high reliability they need. Since then, Bosterbio has created more than 10000 antibodies and 1000+ ELISA kits.

The products provided by Bosterbio have been cited in more than 23000 publications, and they were validated for a variety of applications. These include ELISA, WB, Flow Cytometry and many others. The company stays close to the researcher community, and works very hard to understand the needs of the researchers to provide them the best results. The products are covered by the quality guarantee, which means you will get the advertised results or you will receive all your money back. This is the type of guarantee that you rarely receive in the industry, and that’s something you need to take into consideration.

Bosterbio offers a variety of products like the Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Picokine™ ELISA Kits, Multiplex Q-Plex™ ELISA Kits, Western Blotting Reagents, IHC Reagents, Recombinant Proteins and PCR and qPCR Products. The company also has a variety of services, which include Custom Antibodies (Rabbit/Mouse Polyclonal/Monoclonal), Custom Recombinant Protein, Gene Synthesis, Histological Service, Mutliplex ELISA Testing Service, and many others. The company is fully focused on value and quality and it relies on its connections with the business world to bring in front top of the line and very dependable solutions.

Customers can choose to order online, or they can order via fax, phone, or email. The entire ordering process is designed to be super convenient, adaptable to your own requirements, and very simplistic too. On top of that, there’s extensive product data, such as customer testimonials, citations, and QC images, among many others. Your inquiries receive a reply within a day at most, so you will know exactly what you can order, when you can receive everything, and so on.

Internationally, Bosterbio has distributors in more than 60 countries.

Bosterbio also has its own online technical resources. You get to access FAQs, protocols, troubleshooting ebooks and all kinds of content like that which really help you know more about the company and its research. All that content is up to date, comprehensive and very professional. Being able to read all of that is very helpful, and it brings in front a variety of informative notions for you to explore all the time.

 Abcam www.abcam.com 

Abcam is a company specialized in offering tools and scientific support for companies in the clinical and research community. This business is specialized in delivering very highly validated assays and biological binders that help handle all kinds of targets in the case of biological pathways. The company is fully committed to the idea of helping researchers with the toolkits they need, while also helping people understand the causes of various diseases and figuring out how technology and bioscience can be used to improve health and find new treatments.

The company was established in 1998, and since then their focus has always been to help scientists make the breakthroughs they want. In order to do that, Abcam brings in front high-quality reagents and toolkits that scientists need to bring their amazing ideas to life in a clever way.

Abcam provides a multitude of products like primary and secondary antibodies, ELISA and matched antibody pair kits, cell and tissue imaging tools, multiplex assays, proteins and peptides, proteomics tools, activators, inhibitors, multiplex assays, cellular and biochemical assays, and many other similar products.

 ThermoFisher Scientific www.thermofisher.com 

ThermoFisher Scientific is a widely known world leader when it comes to offering scientific products to researchers. The company has a revenue of more than $24 billion and a total of 70000 employees spread all over the world. ThermoFisher Scientific was created with the idea of trying to make the world cleaner, healthier and also a lot safer. It offers solutions designed to deliver medicines faster, boost patient diagnostics, solve analytical challenges while also improving the laboratory productivity. The company has a multitude of brands that seamlessly unite to bring in front innovation, high standard and outstanding services and results that everyone can rely on.

The company provides immediate access to some of the best and most reliable scientific products on the market, items that are very dependable and necessary for researchers. The company sells ELISA kits, beakers, lab centrifuges, beakers, TRIzol reagents, Pipettes and primers, Nalgene Labware, Lipofectakmine Reagents, and many others. ThermoFisher Scientific is also offering instruments and equipment, lab supply, plastics, gel, and membranes as well as a variety of other functions and features. The focus is to provide customers with a very high-quality experience.

Aside from that, the company also has its learning section and numerous tools to help you study and better understand their work. They feature their new products very often, and you will find that they are always showcasing new technologies and features used by the company.

 R&D Systems www.rndsystems.com 

R&D Systems is a biological products company based in Minnesota. Initially the company started off by creating hematology calibrators and controls. Those were used in clinics and hospitals. In 1971 R&D Systems introduced their own product, which was a platelet-rich plasma control and in 1981 they became the 2nd company in the world to provide whole blood control with the use of platelets. Throughout the years, R&D Systems continued to innovate, and they are fully focused on a wide array of hematology controls and solutions.

Nowadays, the company is selling a variety of antibody products, as well as ELISA kits, GMP proteins, recombinant proteins, enzymes, cDNA clones, proteome profiler antibody arrays, ELISpots, small peptides and molecules, cell cultures as well as GMP proteins and many others.

The company has its dedicated search system that will help you find all the tools and products you want within the entire website. They are also offering dedicated services like custom antibody services, chemistry services, Luminex Custom Services, antibody development services, monoclonal antibody panels and many others. You can also expedite your research if you want, that’s a very good idea and it has the potential to speed up the research and work process in a professional manner.

R&D Systems is a very innovative business, it continues to focus on antibody research, and it’s one of the top companies in its field. They have a very high system quality and you even have access to a variety of resources on their website as well. This includes research areas, articles, calculators, literature, FAQs, technical information and many others. R&D Systems does a very good job at including all these features into a single, very dependable and professional package. If you need any of these products or their dedicated ELISA kits, then you can check out their website.

Bio-Rad Laboratories https://www.bio-rad.com/ 

Bio-Rad is another company that creates outstanding ELISA kits. On top of that, they are a global leader in the world of creating and marketing clinical diagnostic and life science research products. The company has been around for more than 65 years and it brings in front outstanding solutions for healthcare and discovery. They are working with public health laboratories, hospitals, research institutions and many others.

Bio-Rad is considered to be one of the top life science companies in the world. They offer consumables, software, instruments, reagents and a variety of other products to researchers. They cover things like protein quantitation, purification, gene expression, cell biology, science education, food safety and drug discovery. With help from the Bio-Rad solutions you will be able to analyze, purify, simplify or amplify the biological materials. The company gives solutions and tools to work with bacteria, nucleic acids, antibodies as well as proteins, among others.

With help from Bio-Rad, companies from the food science, life science education, spectroscopy and process separation fields will be able to access top of the line solutions at a very good price. Bio-Rad is a business focused on excellence and they also provide some of the best specialty diagnostics in the entire world. They are offering complete solutions designed to help you boost the scientific discovery and the entire process is seamless and very professional every time.

Bio-Rad also has its own set of documentation and literature library content that you can access right away. If you are interested in their work and what type of ideas they are pursuing, then checking them out can be a very good idea. Their literature library is comprehensive and full of information that you may need in order to learn more about them and their work.

Merck Milipore http://www.emdmillipore.com 

Merck Milipore is a leader in life science and their focus is to help companies solve some of the challenges that arise in the scientific community. They want to boost the access that people have to better health systems and that alone really pushes the boundaries when it comes to value and quality.

The company provides engineers and scientists with top of the line services, technologies and lab materials that they might need. This also includes some of the best ELISA kits that you can find on the market. The company has bought multiple smaller businesses throughout the years, and now they have a huge portfolio spanning over more than 300000 different products. This is a testament to their investment in the industry and their commitment to delivering some of the best and highest quality lab materials and tools for scientists.

Merck Milipore is a company focused on innovations, and it’s all about delivering comprehensive and very professional solutions that researchers can always rely on. From ELISA kits to life science reagents and kits, lab and specialty chemicals, lab separation, and workflow tools as well as many others, Merck Milipore can deliver a complete package to fulfill all your needs in the industry.

The company helps improve the manufacturing process by making the entire experience seamless and more convenient. Merck Milipore has some of the most complete portfolios in the industry, and it certainly brings in top quality solutions that every business can rely on.


Finding the best ELISA kits on the market is very important if you want your research results to be comprehensive and accurate. The companies you can find in this list will impress you with their top of the line approach and unique value. They are known for having outstanding services and products, as well as a stellar track record in the industry. Nowadays it matters with whom you are working, and that’s why you need to commit to the best possible experience and value for money.

If you want high-quality ELISA kits, then these are some of the best companies where you can purchase some. They are known for offering a plethora of different options, and the best part is that you also receive comprehensive customer support, great attention to detail and a wide array of other features too. We recommend you to give these companies a shot and buy your ELISA kits from them, you will be very happy with the results!


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