9 Tips To Stay Safe At The Airport

9 Tips To Stay Safe At The Airport

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There is no denying that airports are some of the safest places you can never be, but it is also true that they also widely targeted by terrorists and even thugs who are keen on stealing from the travelers. As such, it is imperative for every traveler to be conscious about their security every time they are at the airport. This includes being aware of where you are who is around you, the locations of exits, and where your luggage is, amongst other things. It may not be a great thing to go for renew my passport only for the things to get nasty for you while you are still at the airport. To help you be conscious of airport security and stay safe at all times, here are a few tips for you-:

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Clear with the security very fast

The first security tip you must observe when you are at the airport is to clear with the security very fast.  This is because the longer you stay at the security checks,the more time you spend in an uncontrolled public area, and this would compromise your safety in some ways. The reason why you need to clear fast the security is so that your access the secured areas, which are not accessible to the rest of the public and are relatively safe.

Choose your travel time wisely

The other way to stay safe while at the airport is to choose your travel time wisely. Mostly, avoid traveling at peak times when everybody else is traveling. In this manner, you will not just avoid the crowds, but you’ll also have reduced chances of losing your luggage while in transit. Buy traveling when few people traveling, the atmosphere is more relaxed and you have chances of being more secure with all your luggage.

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Travel light

If you look at most of the cases where people lost their luggage or got attacked during traveling, they will be because of the amount of luggage the victims carried. By not traveling light, you are drawing too much attention to yourself, making yourself an unnecessary target by the bad guys. Besides, when you have a lot of luggage to take care of, your movement is not only slowed but also you may have to spend a lot of time at the security checks. Therefore, to stay safer at the airports, have a habit of traveling light as you possibly can.

Know what to do during an emergency

If they were to be an attack where you are at the airport, you should know exactly what is expected of you. As always,you should take note of the exits and the entire layout of the section you are in so that in case of an attack,you are aware of the probably places you could take cover. If there were some bad guys at the airport, then you’ll have high chances of running for safety if you understand the layout of the area. Additionally, you should know what you need to do during emergency times. For example, you should never think of confronting the attacker, and if you find a place to hide, you should keep very still not to attract the attention of the attackers.

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Hide your valuables

When at the airport, you should never expose your valuables such as phones,iPads, money, and jewelry and any other thing you may not wish to lose. Whether they are in the carry-bag or the bags you will be checking in, they must always remain concealed to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.  Remember, the bad guys are always watching, and just waiting for the first chance to strike, if you will show them that you have something worth coming for. Therefore, always ensure that your values are well hidden at all times while at the airport, and through your entire traveling time.

Hide your luggage tags

While at the airport, it is important to ensure that your luggage tags are well hidden and that nobody can and read them. Bad guys have been known to sprawl the airport and pick up addresses of unsuspecting travelers from the tags, then go back steal from their homes when they are away on the trip. This is why it is important to hide your tags and never let them be seen by any other person you can’t trust while you are at the airport.

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Don’t leave luggage unattended

Always ensure that your luggage is attended to at all times. Never let anyone attend to your luggage, and if you have to leave them behind, it is advisable you leave them at the security desk and not with any other person. Additionally, you must never accept to watch over anyone’s luggage for whatever reasons. If somebody asks you to check the luggage politely refer them to the security guards or the airport security where they can live there luggage without bothering you anymore.

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Use official taxi only

So many cases of kidnapping have been reported in the recent past because people got into unofficial taxis. The best way to avoid such scenarios is to always use an official taxi and if you cannot authenticate that it’s official, then never get into them. Another tip when using the taxis is to always sit on the back where you can see the driver, but they are unable to see you. And once you reach your destination, be sure to pay them when you’re still in the car. Don’t step out to pay them from outside the car.

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Arrange for a pickup

If you’re traveling to a place you are unfamiliar with, then it is highly recommended for you to arrange for a pick up right from the airport. The best way to do this is to get the services from the hotel you’ll be using or the guesthouse you’ve booked for accommodation. These seem to be more convenient and a reliable, and you may also be lucky to get some discounts, thus reducing the total cost of your travel. Indeed, your security at both the airport of origin and airport of destination is important, and failing to take the necessary precaution may make your efforts of renew my passport worthless when you encounter a nasty experience you could have easily avoided. Watch out and stay safe.


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