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Abuja: Mysterious Explosion Injures One in Dawaki, Sparks Investigation

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ABUJA, Nigeria – An unexpected explosion in the Dawaki area of Bwari Local Government Area, located in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, left one person injured early Friday, March 29, 2024, morning.

The incident, which took place at around 8:30 am, has raised eyebrows and prompted calls for a thorough investigation due to its peculiar circumstances.

Residents were startled by a loud bang emanating from a one-bedroom apartment, reportedly inhabited by two men.

The explosion resulted in injuries to one of the occupants, who was subsequently rushed to the National Hospital in Abuja for treatment.

Eyewitnesses at the scene described the confusion and concern following the blast. “We heard a loud blast sound within Dawaki. The noise originated from a one-bedroom apartment with two male occupants,” a local resident recounted.

This person further explained the immediate aftermath, noting the lack of expected signs of a typical household accident. “One of the occupants was injured and taken to the National Hospital, Abuja for treatment.”

Complicating matters, the explanation provided by one of the residents—a cooking gas explosion—was met with skepticism.

Observers pointed out the absence of a gas smell, no evidence of fire, and notably, that the kitchen window remained unscathed while other windows were damaged. This discrepancy has fueled speculation and concern over the true nature of the explosion.

The incident has been reported to the local police in Dawaki, with residents urging the deployment of a bomb ordnance squad from the Federal Capital Territory command to determine the explosion’s cause.

Efforts to obtain comments from the FCT police, specifically from spokesperson Josephine Adeh, were unsuccessful as she did not respond to calls or messages.

As the community awaits answers, the authorities are expected to conduct a detailed investigation into the explosion.

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