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Arrest Of Abusidiqu, A Decoy To Clampdown On Buhari’s Real Online Critics (READ)

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he arrest of blogger Abubakar Sidiqu Usman popularly known as Abusidiqu by Economic and Financial Crimes, EFCC, trended on blogosphere yesterday. A lot of people screamed to the heavens especially because of the sheer stupidity of the purported charges against him, cyberstalking.

What is cyberstalking and how does that concern Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigerians asked.

Well, it was in asking myself same question that my thoughts led me into the deeper and more sinister implications of this arrest.

See, my apprehension isn’t about the fact that bloggers are now being arrested. No. My deep suspicion has to do with the fact that this Abusidiqu is a core rabid Buharist, one of those who spin big lies, pervert truthful narratives, and put out dirty propaganda to brainwash unwary Nigerians.

Why then was Abusidiqu arrested by a government that clearly protects those who lick its arse? That’s where my suspicions arose. He is said to have written an anti-Ibrahim Magu article but that’s crap. Popular bloggers write stinkers about Magu and even President Buhari everyday.

I still don’t know what transpired between him and EFCC (of course I no dey dia naaa) but my deepest instincts tell me his arrest was just a decoy, a feint for something more sinister that’s to come.

It appears to me that the cover is being created for this government to be able to say: “You can’t complain of crackdown against the president’s enemies because we started with one of our own”. I think this particular pro-APC and Buhari blogger just being used as an alibi for when they start arresting the real targets.

So, for all those yarning opata about Emperor Buhari, you have been warned! When they come for you, it will be with a vengeance.

By the way, that blogger didn’t spend a day in custody; just a few hours. That will show you the arrest was staged for a certain effect.

Ikechukwu Obi is a marketing executive who lives and works in Abuja. He is a blogger and a husband. Connect with him on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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