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5 Key Tips For New Writers

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ongratulations for becoming a new writer and for making a conscious choice to monetize your writing skills. You can be a professional writer if you follow the tips are featured in this article on how to become a good writer. As a new writer, you need to be open minded and learn from the veterans on how to improve your work. Here are some tips for writers on how you can improve their writing.

Write what you love

Writing what you love may sound like a cliché but it is golden tip in this industry. Becoming a jack of all trades you will become a master in none and soon or later you will start hopping from one field to another without mastering any. Without becoming a master, the returns will be negligible and you may become frustrated by the choice you made to become a writer. Follow your heart and write what you love. The intrinsic reward of writing on things that interest and excite you will keep you going before you settle and establish a firm base in this industry. The grass will always look greener on the other side and hopping from one writing field to the other, then your writing career may never take off. The best way therefore is to write on what you love as it will be easier for you to give it your best and take criticism positively. Doing what you love is the only way work will become play and you will never regret making the choice to pursue your passion.

Be patient

Writing is a skill and it requires time, effort and resources to pay off. Be patient but make efforts to become better. Your first script will not be a blockbuster movie and you may not get the kindest reviews from your peers or established writers. Be patient, learn from them and improve your skill. The first day blogging you may not have thousands of readers flocking to your site or even months into the project, learn and adapt till you figure out the needs of your audience and adjust accordingly. All the decorated writers you have probably had a worse start than you. Therefore, keep calm, learn and adapt, your day is coming. Do not go into writing expecting to own a sports car out of it in the first month, but if you stick to it and adapt, I guarantee you it will come. Someday you will look back and agree with me it was worth the wait and efforts you put into it.

Discard clichés

Writing style is important and one sure way to improve it is to avoid filler content in professional work. One sure to reduce filler content is to discard clichés. Clichés lower the value of your work. Discard clichés and focus on writing objectively evaluating each sentence to ensure it only contains the necessary words that convey the message you intended. Clichés lengthen your essay without adding value. They are also boring to read and therefore could be counterproductive. Discarding clichés trims that fat out of your writing and cleans your work such that it is simple and easier to understand. Clichés annoy people and undermine your writing skill. Recycling old phrases that have been overused shows lack of creativity and originality. They also give an impression of laziness and your audience may miss and important idea or point you are trying to make when they encounter a cliché. Learn to rephrase your content to eliminate the clichés. Proofreading your work to spot and remove clichés is also a way of making sure your work is free of them. Clichés have no place in custom writing and you may need to rethink why you include them in your professional practice if they can potentially destroy your career.

Use short sentences

Professional writing needs writers to stick to short sentences. Long sentences are prone to mistakes and lower the quality of your writing. Short sentences convey the message concisely and are less likely to have mistakes. However, too short sentences may indicate that the reader had insufficient content to put across. They are also and indication that the writer has no proper words linkage skill or command of the language. Your ideas must flow coherently and logically in each paragraph with simple well constructed sentences. Since short sentences are easier to write, readers read and understand them faster. However, some instances require long sentences or compound sentences to put the message across especially when details are required. Knowing which strategy to employ is important to your readers. Use the KISS principle, Keep it simple and stupid.

Read! Read! Read!

You will never be knowledgeable enough to have all the information regarding all the issues and challenges you will encounter in this industry. Keep updating your knowledge base and crystallizing the knowledge for your readers. Identify your weaknesses and read on them to improve your writing generally. Chances are that the issues you struggle with in your career have been addressed by another writer and offered a way out of them. You also need to read on new trends since you will likely encounter them. Reading also helps a person to learn how to improve their work from the mistakes or their expertise. You cannot become a good writer if you are not a good reader. You learn and improve from other people’s knowledge to remain relevant in the field.

Succinctly, all new writers this is a new start in your careers and it will require more time, effort, resources and persistence to take off. This article shares important tips you can adopt to get you started. Achieving the best accolades in your specific field is possible but not easy and it will come with hard work. Therefore, reread this article if need be and develop a step by step procedure on how you will reach the summit. Visit EssayZoo anytime to learn more or share your feedback to help new writers spread their wings and soar high.

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