All You Need To Know About Psychology Of Dating In The Modern...

All You Need To Know About Psychology Of Dating In The Modern World

By Business | The Trent on March 26, 2021

Dating is not the same as it used to be years ago. Each generation comes with its unique tendencies making dating a bit complicated and challenging, yet it doesn’t mean dating is something bad or evil. It can bring rather happy moments that will cherish you all the time.

Psychology Of Dating In The Modern World

When dating in real or online, it’s important how you approach the process, and your psychology will determine a lot. Every type of dating has its own challenges and unique approaches, and online dating is the place where everything seems so easy, but is it so? It’s clear that the abundance of choice on dating sites makes people more relaxed and freer in terms of always-have-a-substitute logic. Yet, it’s not so easy all the time.

Furthermore, it’s claimed that being online makes people braver, and thus, it’s a chance to be free in emotions and expectations; but the truth is that there are so many liars online. So, all in all, be it online adventure or dating, in reality, you should be careful and ready for starting relationships. Before delving into online dating and what it has changed, it’s important to have a glance at how relationships proceed.

All You Need To Know About Psychology Of Dating In The Modern World

Psychology of dating: Stages to pass through

Whether you are dating online or in reality, you’ll have to come through some stages you should be aware of. Definitely, when it comes to dating, you have a chance to come across some disappointment, yet it’s more important you should overcome any challenge and be ready for new chances of finding someone special. So, which stages of dating does anyone pass through?

First stage: a time for attraction

According to many experts dealing with our psychology and dating approaches, the first stage is just about getting acquainted. When talking about online dating psychology, it’s a beginning phase, when you start being attracted by a lady online. You will do your best to attract her attention and start communicating with her. To move on with the next stage, you’ll have to be successful in this one and to be so, you need to arouse some kind interest in your match. It’s not about sending messages full of emojis;why not be more passionate and smarter?

Second stage: deeper attraction

It’s a stage that implies the transformation of simple attraction into a much deeper one. At this stage, we become interested in several factors and try to get more information about the particular lady. Very often, emotions outweigh logic and reasoning. Here is where people neglect the differences and compatibility problems. Exactly at this stage, people become overwhelmed and don’t pay attention to the things that they should be aware of. Simply put, it’s about overlooking things that are too visible.

Third stage: Logic is back

For some people, it’s a stage known as enlightenment, when people get just enlightened. At this stage, people start noticing what they used to overlook. However, this phase becomes the crucial one as now people can understand whether their relationship will get stronger. This is a key moment when breaking up may take place. If you assess the psychology of dating online, it’s clear that people are first attracted, then they start communicating and become obsessed with each other.

Fourth stage: Going further

Dating psychology is unique, and the core idea is to understand how we react to dating, be it online or in real life. The final stage until which not everyone will survive is about getting more commitment. This may indicate engagement or even marriage. At this stage, people will decide whether to become closer or plan to create a family. When it comes to online dating, this stage is about getting your virtual dating to a real one, with a chance to go further.

All You Need To Know About Psychology Of Dating In The Modern World

Understanding the psychology of online dating

The 21st century is simply a digital epoch when the internet plays an important role in our daily lives, and this is why online dating is considered quite a normal way of finding your soulmate. For some people, the generation of online daters is referred to as a generation of swipers, where swiping to left and right will give too different outcomes. To understand people’s psychology and why online dating becomes popular, it’s important to realize what online dating platforms offer.

– an access to limitless offers: a chance to have as many options as you want may spark more confidence, and thus, online dating has given an opportunity to become picky;

– sexual freedom: since online dating became popular and prevalent, there has been an increase in various niches, focusing on various people with specific interests without any limits on sexual desires;

– leaving or starting at any point: online dating is a place for no regrets, which can be good and bad at the same time as you may talk to anyone you want and leave that person without giving any explanation. However, the good point is that online dating will always welcome you back.

– being anonymous: some people opt for dating online without their identity being revealed, which would be hard in the case of dating in real life, and thus, the main advantage of dating platforms is a chance to stay incognito.

– being as open as you want: cyberspace is quite different from what the reality we live in, and many people can become more open and straightforward while dating online, making everything clear about their expectations.

– hanging out or having a committed relationship: when looking deeper at the online dating psychology of people, it’s clear that there are individuals opting for web-based dating since it gives a chance to recover from the disappointment of real dating or start something new and passionate. In short, online dating is about giving a chance for anything you want from dating platforms.

All You Need To Know About Psychology Of Dating In The Modern World

Reverse Psychology In Dating

Reverse psychology in dating is a unique way of making someone do what you want by creating or doing something. So, it’s a type of manipulation that is quite commonly applied in online dating. Is it good to use that or not? Actually, there’s nothing bad in using such a technique provided that you can get benefit from that. This is a technique not for everyone. But how does reversive technique work?

Let’s say you want your lady to be somewhere on time, and you tell her that you’ll leave to meet your friends and have a walk around without her, adding that they know she might be late as she almost never comes on time. You don’t shout or insist but create an idea in her mind that you’ll be having fun and that no one expects her to be on time. This will spark an unusual interest in going there on a timely basis, and she will do everything to do so. So, if you’re smart to use this manipulative technique, you can achieve even more in a relationship with your soulmate. Yet, make sure you aren’t applying reverse psychology techniques to play dirty games with your girlfriend. Otherwise, it will do you no good.


Online dating has made conventional dating much different, and thus, the way people approach online dating is a bit different. The psychology of online dating is unique in many senses but has a lot in common with the one of traditional dating. Keep in mind all the info mentioned above, and you will succeed for sure!


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