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Annkio Briggs: An Open And Urgent Letter To Ijaw Nation [MUST READ]

Must read

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]e: Olusegun Obasanjo’s Visit to Bayelsa State.

I am not a politician and l don’t intend to be interested in being a politician as I believe Politics in Nigeria is deceptive, full of lies and not in the interest of the greater good.

I am an activist for my people, state and region. The Niger Delta people, region and Ijaw people are hated by the greedy and selfish of Nigeria and unfortunately even by Ijaw people. If l choose not to forgive a person or people who slaughter my people it is my choice as it is the choice of Ijaw people who choose to forgive the slaughterer or slaughterers of their kit and kin.

If any Ijaw man or woman chooses to be a crusader of Ijaw people today and becomes a politician willing to forgive slaughterers and haters of Ijaw people tomorrow that is your choice, l have my own choice.
If you were not in the bus that we boarded, over 30 of us, with late Oronto Douglas at 13 Agudama St D-Line ERA’s office  that took us to ODI, if you did not take the risks we took for Ijaw people don’t talk behind my back, talk to my face.

My position of OBJs visit to Bayelsa under any circumstances for any reason, yesterday, today or forever is not in secret or in parables, my position is straight, upfront and true.  As long as the dead of ODI, ODIAMA, AYOKOROMO, GBARAMATU & many  others killed in our Creeks, Mangroves, Swamps,  towns, jails and during Abacha’s time remain dead then I choose not to forget or forgive.

Politicians and political appointees, and aides are free to rub shoulders, and dine with Ijaw haters and haters of other Niger Delta ethnic Nationalities but don’t force me to accept it. You must hear from me.

Stop telling me you agree with my positions privately, and telling me to understand that you work with government and say the opposite on Facebook where l don’t see it or on whatsapp groups where l won’t see your cowardly posts.

Stop telling me privately that Governor Dickson was wrong in giving 1,200 hectares to fulani herdsmen, and that it was wrong that we were attacked on the 14 February 2017 at Tombia Round About.

Every one was an Ijaw voice when jobs to train ex agitators and contracts for all sorts of things were on Kingsley Kuku desk, NIMASA, MND, NDDC, MofPet, NSA, & the Villa.

It does not bother me if you disagree with me and my positions, or have a few Ijaw thugs attack me and other Ijaw sons and daughters who agree with me that fulani herdsmen should not have access to Ijaw land that Ijaw people can’t have.

You won’t gag me with, threats, blackmail, or lies. If l see your lies l will respond.
Lies must not be allowed to live to protect appointments.

OBJ does not believe the oil in Ijaw land belong to Ijaw people, he does not believe we are entitled to resource ownership.

He did not pick GEJ as VP for the love of Ijaw or Niger Delta people, he did not support him in 2011 for love of Ijaw or Niger Delta people he did it for his own selfish reasons, and when GEJ did not be please him as President he turned against him.

He is getting set to fight Buhari and he is pretending to be a friend of Ijaw and Niger Delta people.
Anyone who joins OBJ to fight Buhari is doing so at his or her own risk, don’t take the people along to fight Buhari with OBJ leading he does not qualify to have an opinion on Ijaw people’s desire. Ijaw people will not vote for Buhari we don’t need OBJ to tell us that.

Our desire is that we must own, manage, and control our resources, that we must choose our politicians in our states, region, and LGA.

Our desire is that
1.  Nigeria must be Restructure Nigeria before the elections of 2019.

2. If our politicians can’t work with us to get Nigeria Restructured for our good, then our politicians must join us and demand for Referendum for all Ethnic Nationalities to decide for themselves
a. Do we want to continue as one country?
b. If YES how do we continue?
c. If  NO how do we discontinue?

I am not apologetic that l say OBJ visit to Bayelsa the Jerusalem of Ijaw people was dancing on the graves of people he told the Nigeria Army to murder.
I don’t want haters of Ijaw people in Ijaw land, Ijaw people need love and respect.



Annkio Briggs
Daughter and Servant of IJAW NATION & NIGER DELTA REGION.

Annkio Briggs is a daughter, servant, and respected leader of the Niger Delta. She is a leading voice in the struggle for human rights and environmental justice in the oil-rich region. Connect with her on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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