APC Chairman Attacks Defecting Lawmakers, Says ‘Water Must Find Its Level’

APC Chairman Attacks Defecting Lawmakers, Says ‘Water Must Find Its Level’

By Wires Editor | The Trent on July 25, 2018
Adams Oshiomhole, INEC, APC
Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC

Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has given his reaction over the defection of some Nigerian senators from the party on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Shortly after 15 APC senators left the ruling party on the floor of the Senate,  Oshiomhole, the immediate past governor of Edo State, entered into a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Exiting from the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the newly elected APC chairman told journalists that he was happy with the development “because those who left the party were mercenaries”.

“My attitude is like I have told you before, as the national chairman, I am committed to listening to very legitimate grievances and engaging all those who are aggrieved that we can see through their grievances, but I insist that I will not miss sleep for one minute over mercenary activities,” Oshiomhole said.

“I have said it and I want to repeat it that this business of governance must be driven by men and women of honour.

“If the only motivation is personal interest; ‘what is in it for me?’ ‘What have I gained?’ and ‘How many people have I done xyz for?’ If that is the basis, the earlier those in this business of personal gains return to where they belong, the better.

“This party that I am privileged to chair is not worried at all, we are not disturbed. I am not going to miss my sleep and we will go into the campaign.

“Check the electoral results, you will find that a lot of those who claimed to have defected, on a good day, the votes they got that made them members of the Senate, our president got much more votes in their constituencies. So, we are not fooled at all.

“The thing going on is that you have a lot of so-called big masqueraders with very little and no electoral value,” he declared.

Oshiomhole said he had tried his best in trying to give comfort to those who claimed to be aggrieved. He said that he was pleased because “over time, water would find its level”.

“If you remember what I said the day I formally declared my interest to contest; I said to be a progressive party means we must be clear that it cannot be a party for everyone,” the former Edo governor said.

“We have to be sure that you subscribe to the values and ideals of a progressive party.  If indeed you belong to the extreme right, and you mistakenly find yourself in a progressive party, obviously that is not where you belong.

“As soon as you realise that you can’t adjust to the requirement of the progressive, which is people-driven, people-based, people-oriented and you choose to return to the right wing where you know that the name of the game is, share the money, it is your choice.”


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