‘No girls are missing’: Asari Dokubo Says Chibok Abduction Never Happened

‘No girls are missing’: Asari Dokubo Says Chibok Abduction Never Happened

By Joy Abobi | News Reporter on May 8, 2014
Asari Dokubo Chibok Niger Delta
Alhaji Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, a major political figure of the Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and Founder of the now rested Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, has described the abduction of the 300 schoolgirls in Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State on April 14, 2014 as a con attempt by the Islamist extremist, Boko Haram to cause global unrest.

He made this statement via his Facebook page on, Thursday, May 8, 2014 urging his friends to help pass the message.


The post has already generated  mixed reactions from people with many condemning him while others are in support of the controversial statement.

Read the comments made by different people:

‘Joseph Mayomi:  I have taken position long before Chibok girls mystery abduction,there are lots of plans in the offing to ridicule GEJs government of gross incompetence and subsequent call for his impeachment.This plot is known to every discerning mind.Therefore,I equally agree that no child is missing,is all a well orchestrated idea of few individuals…if anybody doubt the veracity of my assertion then wait and in due time I will be exonerated.The APC apologists are rearing their ugly heads one by one..Amaechi has dedicated his award to phantom abducted Chibok girls,Oby Ekwesili is at the forefront protesting,Wole Soyinka asserted that President Jonathan is incapable to nip BH insurgent in d bud,Femi Gbajabiamila minority leader in d house of rep questioning d constitutionality or otherwise of shutting downs schools in d FCT,Abike Dabiri questioned d First Lady MAMA PEACE of inviting d wife of Bornu state governor,d commissioner of police,d principal of d infamous girls secondary school.The list is endless but God’s willing Nigeria will overcome this organized crime very soon.

 Tumbodiaa Coterell Its an abysmal and unfortunate that majority of Nigerians still think like (some of) our past leaders of the mid 70s to the early 2000s. A Nation where a single school of thoughts holds sway. And any leader/individual who seem to think outside the box, in trying to bring a new perspective or paradigm in solving old, new & futuristic problems in the land is been seen and tagged as stupid, unfortunate & misguided leader/individual. Rather than, we, Nigerians to embark on the problem solving & development oriented task of THINKING, in other to unveil the truth of the chibok conspiracy theory. We have decided to keep mom and accept the report as orchestrated by the Chibok planners, with the agenda of the North being born to rule, hook, line & sinker. Shame !!! Finally, as Nigerian we must bear in minds that, thought is the instrumentality of Man’s greatness, but ironically the same thought destroys’ Man.

Mohammed Shehu Hmmm, it is then that everyone in the world are stupid including the US president. So Shettima scammed them all. Going by ‘your president’ assertion that if $20bn missing America will know, then if the girls are missing America should know too. By agreeing to send troops then they know. You guys are intrinsically stupid like your president and for CAN we know that Mr Ayo is as worst as any rascal around, a politician in religious garment. It will not save the president from the world and in the hereafter. God will punish all the perpetrators of this devilish acts, and the blood of innocent will hunt them forever and ever. If not that you are stupid, on tuesday these guys massacre 310 people and kidnapped further 8 girls in Gamborin Gala, a predominantly a muslim town and yet the commander in chief didnt deem it fit to send army to the area as reported yesterday by CNN. Bushman will always be a bushman.

Aji Amachree Ihetu Story! All these sentiments just to make GEJ look bad. No girls are missing Jor. Shame on bad people. The truth is about to be unveiled. Watch out for the end of the saga that exposes the “Born to rule” idiots as a group of nitwits capable of only evil. God pass all of una. Those of you saying there are missing girls have no mental capacity to comprehend and analyse facts. Or maybe, you only choose to see what you want because it makes GEJ look bad.

Isaac Zeki If u are deceived, is d presido, his wife, americans and indeed d world deceived took about d missing girls. America just sent it their intelligent experts. Gej held a security meeting with security chiefs and d 36govs on dis issue and thereafter set up a committee dat will ensure d girls release. Patience jona wept on national t.v bcos of dis issue and u call it a scam. Where did u get dis ur conspiracy theory from. Stop dis ur skool boy politic. D girls are missing. Go to most skools in d rural areas in d south and u will see 40 & 50yrs old writing d waec as registered students. Stop dis empty, baseless and idiotic reasoning. U called them gambaris, yet u accepted their religion and bears their religion name. Are u not a gambari too?


  1. What is the Difference between Shekau and Asari? I wonder how the Parents of the girls and also the girls will feel. Is WAEC,Military,Police.DSS all part of the Scam? I can’t wait to hear what you wil say after a successful rescue operation. If you were Malaysian I also wonder what you will say about the missing aircraft

  2. But come to tink of it, the waec asked shittima to move d chibok centre to maiduguri but he refuse n insist dat he wil provide security for d so called students, my question is dat; where were dis security men wen d boko haram drove about 10 big trucks into d school compound n pack away dis gurls? the reality about dis mata is dat der is conspiracy in dis case. we are not fools to believe wat eva they say jst to thwart GEJ second tenure ambition. Nigerians wake up n hv a second thought about dis mata. longlive our country.

  3. This is sad. Asari Dokubo, there are a million ways to tarnish your image and you choose to play this game off of the kidnap of innocent girls. Please go and sit down because there is a time for everything. Now we are focused on the rescue of the kidnapped girls and the total destruction of Boko Haram. Asari Dokubo you are becoming the resident noise maker and empty vessel. Such a sad legacy

  4. It’s easy to accept that the kidnapping is not true and that some people are just trying to make Jonathan ‘s administration look back. But if your sister or daughter was one if these girls you will say a different thing entirely. Getting international attention and bringing the reign of boko haram to an end is the most important, before they attack where we all will likely get hurt.

  5. He who kill. By d sword,will. Surely die by it.d end has come d wind will d chiken feather and we see what is beneath in sha Allah

  6. Dude, if you cannot come up with a plan to rescue those innocent girls as well as promote progress in other areas then you need to STFU because your 16 minutes of fame is over. Usually people get 15 minutes but we were gracious enough to add 1 minute to keep you relevant for longer but it looks like you are sliding into irrelevance. See ya

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