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Ohimai Amaize | Op-Ed Contributor


Ohimai Amaize: Politics As A Career: Not Too Young To Participate [MUST READ]

Let me begin by congratulating the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) on the occasion of its 2018 National Convention which is being hosted...

Jewel Howard Taylor: Meet The Woman Behind The Epic Victory Of George Weah

It is often said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. The epic rise of Liberia’s soccer legend – George Weah from...

2019: Why Your Votes Are A Waste Of Time, By Ohimai Amaize [MUST READ]

In Nigeria, the concept of political participation appears to have been reduced largely to the civic responsibility of voting on election day. Civic campaigners,...

Leadership: Why Nobody Takes Nigerian Youths Seriously – By Ohimai Amaize 

Ohimai Amaize, a youth activist and politician, expresses his thought on the Nigerian political landscape and why youth participation is still underwhelming.  The idea of...

Tuface Idibia, Buhari And The Limits Of Activism, By Ohimai Amaize [MUST READ]

Among the top news headlines of the past few days have been President Donald Trump’s supposed Muslim ban; the intrigue surrounding the rumours about...

Democracy: Goodluck Jonathan As A Metaphor, By @MrFixNigeria

Government of the people, for the people and by the people. This is perhaps democracy’s most widely known definition spanning decades of human political...

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