Beard Gang: 8 Best Grooming Gadgets For The Beard Trend

Beard Gang: 8 Best Grooming Gadgets For The Beard Trend

beard grooming

Taking care of your beard depends mostly on having the right grooming kit. It’s important to pay particular attention to design and quality, especially where gadgets are concerned, try to evaluate brands based on reviews and recommendations.

There are dozens of great products out there, with the likes of the Oster t trimmer leading the line in terms of quality and overall functionality. Here is a list of cool gadgets that are definitely worth their weight in gold.

beard grooming

Beard Trimmer

It’s all about precision. That great, pristine finish that separates a professional look from your everyday rough-around-the-edges razor shave. Having a detail beard trimmer is the best way to ensure those little run-away bits of facial hair are kept in check. There are a few extra features here.

  • Vacuum powdered gizmos that suck up bits of hair that are out of place.
  • Laser-powered varieties that make it easier to make your detailing more precise.

Cleansing Brush

Next on the list is perhaps the most neglected gadget in the history of male grooming. Sure, you have a detail trimmer that gives you that great finish, but what about the bits of dead skin cells on your face that make your skin ashy? Although they may be mostly invisible to the naked eye, these little bits of skin manifest as dirt particles and they ruin your entire look.

Having a top-of-the-line cleansing brush not only gets rid of these cells, but also improves the surface texture of your skin, the appearance and blood circulation. The best part of it is, this little gizmo is so well designed that it reaches the skin beneath the surface of your beard, preventing ingrown hair from becoming a nuisance.

beard grooming

The Beard Guide

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of guy, then the beard guide should definitely be on your wish list. Although it’s not an actual ‘gadget’, the beard guide makes precision shaving much, much easier.

It’s basically a chin you attach to your face that helps give you an outline as you shave. The styling piece is adjustable, meaning you can shave your beard according to your own custom design. The best thing about it is, you can use it with a normal razor, so you don’t have to worry about budgetary constraints.

The Groomarang

So you’ve dealt with the shaving, now what? Your beard still needs to be styled. Well, here’s something for you.

  • This multi-tool acts as a comb, a shaper and a brush. Once you’ve shaved your beard, the groomarang acts as the perfect tool to style and tame any type of beard. The edges also work to prevent stray of cuts, giving you a clean finish.

The Edging Razor

So how do you get rid of those rough edges right after you’re done shaving? This beard razor, coupled with the beard guide provides a crisp, clean, symmetrical finish. This little contraption comes equipped with a top-class blade that is both precise and easy on the skin.

beard grooming

The Beard Bib

Shaving does tend to make a bit of a mess. Well, that’s all about to change! The beard bib catches all the little run-away hairs while you shave. This gizmo employs suction technology to not only give you a clean shave, but it also prevents you from dumping hair all over the place.

The Goatee Saver

The title tells it all really. This piece of equipment helps you curve out the perfect goatee. The perfect edges, the straight line-up along the edges that ensures you don’t get a crooked goatee, and the pocket-friendly value that comes attached to it make it a must-have.

The Single Edge Razor

Having all the latest gadgets means very little if you don’t have the right kind of razor. What does this mean?

  • Safety always comes first. You need a razor that provides a close, clean shave without puncturing an artery.
  • Comfort weighs in at a close second. How easy it is to use and maneuver.
  • Lastly, it has to leave you with zero irritation.

The single edge safety razor comes equipped with a surgical grade stainless steel blade that has zero irritation, leaves no nicks, no cuts and no razor burns!


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