4 Major Benefits Of Having An Ethanol Fireplace

4 Major Benefits Of Having An Ethanol Fireplace

ethanol fireplace

What is an ethanol fireplace? It is a steel unit which comprises a burner tray, a protective screen where ethanol is burned to produce heat and a cover. Recently, their popularity has increased as many people have come to realize that it can provide a good fire to be enjoyed especially during the months of December and January.

Are you planning to install a new fireplace but don’t know what to choose? If the answer is a yes, then it may be a good idea to consider an ethanol fireplace. Here are the reasons why:


One of the major benefits of a biofuel fireplace for your home is that it does not require any fuel. Depending on where you live, it is impossible for people to throw up their chimney as their installation is usually costly and complicated. This forces people to look for a good alternative and in most cases, they opt for an ethanol fireplace because of its simplicity.


An ethanol fireplace is ventless as its burning process does not produce soot, smoke, ashes or any residue. In fact, the fuel is so clean to the extent that the final product of the flame is a small amount of water and carbon dioxide.


An ethanol fireplace is the best alternative to a gas fireplace and wood burning stove as its flames are real and the heat production and distribution is usually even. A wood burning fire, on the other hand, can hardly maintain optimum heat as it keeps fluctuating between too hot and too cold. The good news is that ethanol can help you avoid such a problem.


An ethanol fireplace is also easy to use. A freestanding ethanol fireplace often requires no installation. The wall mounted units are easy to install on a bracket that connects it to the wall. The built-in versions are usually a little more complicated when it comes to installation but are easier to install than gas or wood fireplaces.

As you can see, an ethanol fireplace can be beneficial in many ways. So, it is up to you to decide the kind of fireplace that will suit your needs but I hope that you will consider an ethanol fireplace due to its many benefits.


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