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Between Diplomas and Doubts: A Deep Dive into Bola Tinubu’s Chicago University Records [MUST READ]

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In an age where fact-checking is paramount, recent revelations surrounding Bola Ahmed Tinubu‘s educational background have set the stage for heated debates.

A meticulous examination of the documents handed over to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar by Chicago State University reveals both corroborations and contradictions. The swirling mix of facts, forgeries, and possible identity theft only adds to the complexity of Tinubu’s history.

First, let’s be clear: Chicago State University confirmed that Bola A. Tinubu was a student there between August 1977 and June 1979, eventually graduating with honours. A reassuring revelation for the Nigeria’s president’s supporters.

Paradoxically, while his graduation isn’t in doubt, the certificate he provided INEC with doesn’t match the design and format from 1979. Why would someone with legitimate credentials opt for forgery over the straightforward process of obtaining a replacement? The lure of a quick fix at Lagos’ infamous “Oluwole” perhaps? One can only speculate.

Curiosities also arise when assessing Tinubu’s admission credentials. His transcript from Southwest College hints at an identity conundrum: it belonged to a female. Rumors suggesting identity theft – that he might have adopted the persona of a Bola Adekunle Tinubu – bubble to the surface.

However, casting a shadow of doubt over these speculations is the consistent identification of Tinubu as male in CSU’s records. Regardless of the errors in the transfer transcript, Tinubu’s life at CSU appears well-documented and mostly consistent.

Further murkiness clouds Tinubu’s earlier academic history. With the claim of attending a school years before its establishment and presenting questionable GCE A-level results, the narrative starts to fray at the edges. These discrepancies undoubtedly fuel speculations and raise eyebrows.

Age has always been more than just a number in politics. While Tinubu claims a birth year of 1952, CSU records reflect 1954. This two-year disparity might seem trivial, but in the grand scheme of things, it can shift perceptions.

And, on a lighter note, there were comical typographical errors: “THUBV” and “Tinububu” (which amusingly reminds Nigerians of President Buhari’s nickname) bring a touch of levity to an otherwise serious investigation.

While many mysteries surrounding Tinubu’s past remain, the tenacity of former VP Atiku Abubakar has brought some long-sought clarity. The discourse this revelation will generate promises to keep the media and public engaged for some time. As this narrative unfolds, one can hope for more transparency and less intrigue.

Gift Jackson is a political commentator. 

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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