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The 5 Biggest Wins In Casino History

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]asinos are all about legalised gambling and people from all over the world are getting addicted to it for the prospects of winning big. Click here to visit a casino with some of the worlds biggest cash prizes. The amount being put on the table is directly proportional to the amount that the player has a chance of winning.

But at the same time, the risk multiplies accordingly – since if the players are not winning the money back then they are losing it entirely. This is what makes gambling one of the riskiest habits since people will either end up losing it all or winning it all.

People around the world have earned maniacal amounts in casinos and this might be one of the reasons why players flock to the best slots by Cherry Casino. Let’s have a look at some of the greatest wins in the history of the casino.

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Biggest Returns in the Casino history
  1. Sean Connery on Roulette run – Not many know that Sean Connery grew up in a family where gambling was a hobby. Way back in 1963, Sean Connery cleared almost 17 million lire (Italian) equivalent to 10,000 pounds – equivalent to 163,000 pounds according to the current market.


  1. $40 million hit in Las Vegas – Vegas is known to be a city of dreams where people end up with millions or a huge loss. The story of Archie Karas is the most interesting in the history of Las Vegas casino. Way back in 1992, Karas lost $2 million at poker games in LA. He drove down to Las Vegas with $50 in his pockets and upon reaching Vegas, he took a $10,000 loan from a friend in order to play Razz, a game with high stakes. 3 hours into the game, Karas paid back the debt with 50% interest on it. His winning line kept going and he ended up amassing $40 million.
    casino gambling gaming roulette sports betting


  1. Breaking the bank – The term breaking the bank in casinos means winning each and every chip that is there on the table. Charles Deville Wells broke the bank in the city of Monte Carlo and went back home with a million francs. This is equivalent to approximately $500,000 in the current day. This happened in 1891 and the game lasted almost 11 hours.


  1. Amarillo Slim: Ping pong bet – Known to be a popular gambler in his town, Thomas Austin Preston turned into a card shark soon after moving to Vegas in 1974. He won World Series of Poker upon reaching Vegas and instantly became a gambling sensation.


  1. One-Man Blackjack Champion – The legend known as Don Johnson over the period of six months managed to outsmart a team from MIT while dealing with cards. During the course of 18 months, Don managed to win a staggering $15 million.


There are lots of stories about people winning in millions and walking out of casinos loaded with cash. This is something that happens in Vegas and all other popular casinos around the world such as Macau, Los Angeles, Monte Carlo, etc.

The prospects of winning are always high, but one needs to understand the tricks of the trade in order to rake in big winnings.

Although we only spoke about people who won big, but there are lots of people who ended up losing everything in casinos. This is the reason why people are always encouraged to learn the game first and upon gathering experience, compete on a higher level.

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