Bishop T.D. Jakes Responds To Instagram Follower Who Criticised Him for ‘Flashing’...

Bishop T.D. Jakes Responds To Instagram Follower Who Criticised Him for ‘Flashing’ Diamond Ring

By All Christian News on November 1, 2014
Bishop T.D. Jakes

Everyone knows that TD Jakes isn’t just a powerful megapastor, he’s also filthy rich.  This has led to a battle over how to perceive his successes as a pastor, businessman, author and filmmaker.  Some see these riches as a sign of his success and his many blessings. Others criticize him to be among the legion of professional Jesus peddlers who get rich while leaving their congregations in poverty or other forms of exploitative mediocrity.

One of the few places to expect to see Bishop Jakes getting into it with the public is on Instagram, the place where rappers settle their beefs with angry fans.  Someone with the Instagram tag @photo_syn_the_sis said that Jakes wasn’t showing the kind of modesty reflective of Jesus by flashing his diamonds at the public, and that he was manipulating people in the process.   He even says that Bishop Jakes’ teachings will cause his followers to burn in hell.

“I didn’t know that preachers wear diamond rings, preachers are supposed to be humble Like Jesus was and preach the real truth. You are not even close being like Jesus, you flash your ring, but the truth is you say you know God but do you really. God wouldn’t flash Jewelry around you really need to read your Bible. Acts 2:38 everything in the Bible is the truth, people need to open their eyes and read there Bible not listen to the things you want them to hear. Their BLOOD is on you @bishopjakes The things you say is sad you teach what you think they need to hear, But do you teach on how the Hair is a women’s Glory no you teach what you want them to hear. Man I feel sorry for you on judgment day. The Blood that is on your Hands, all these people that will burn in Hell with you and they will say WHY ??????? JOHN 8:47”

Jakes didn’t take the comments lying down.  He came right back at the commenter and let him know that the ring was from his wedding date, not due to any form of extravagance.

“@photo_syn_the_sis Only cowards throw such rocks and then block their site for comment! My Diamond ring is my wedding ring. I’ve been married longer than you’ve been alive!” Jakes stated.

“The ring is not nearly as opulent as the jewels on the high priest’s vest that God designed. It had diamonds also Exodus 39:11 Incidentally, heaven is paved with gold so don’t go there either. It is people like you who have taught what they couldn’t explain. Pharisees indeed! I hope one day you will move from thinking women having uncut hair is more important that bridling your tongue. I love you nonetheless and I pray that all that water you were baptized in would soften your heart! Don’t follow people you don’t believe are preaching truth and you won’t have to lock your page! God bless you and goodnight!”

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