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Creating an effective company blog, and by effective we mean a blog that results in increased sales, is something close to an art form. That is, it’s a construct designed to elicit a response from your reader.  There are plenty of highly effective company blogs out there, so why not learn from them.  Here are three company blogs worth your consideration.

John Lewis

This English department store, founded in the mid nineteenth century and now something of a national institution uses its blog to enhance its reputation for sophistication and taste. Entitled ‘Inspiration and Advice’ it offers a mix of practical information and the gentle promotion of John Lewis goods, all of which can be accessed with a single click through.

The design is understated and easy on the eye. Its title page offers ten blogs which link to the sales divisions of the store. The layout is uncluttered, predominantly white and the photography is sumptuous. At the top of the page are two blogs targeted at women, it is of course still women who do the most shopping. A piece on skincare and hair care takes you to a review of current products.

The text is minimal it is the pastel shades and perfect lighting of the photographs which dominate. Apiece about what to wear to a wedding has a companion piece for men lower down the page. There are two entries on barbecues, one simply contains recipes, the other contains three videos from a popular vlogger. There’s a clothing item for men, a couple of technology pieces, six suggestions for staying cool at night and pictures by school children. This blog is not perfect, it’s a delight to look at, it’s easy to navigate and it offers an inspirational lifestyle.


The popularity of poker online continues to escalate, with more and more players, particularly women, playing on their mobiles. To create an engaging blog on a single subject, which will appeal to experts and novices alike is a much more challenging task than promoting the wide range of goods on offer in a department store.

Partypoker, however, have always been at the forefront of business innovation: they incorporated gesture control in their mobile app and they recruited ex-boxer Carl Froch as an ambassador for the brand.

It should come as no surprise then that their blog is an entertaining mix of industry news, playing theory, tournament information as well as trivia, info graphics and videos. In short, an object lesson in how to use variety to create an engaging blog.

Thomas Cook

When your business is travel it shouldn’t be too hard to generate interesting copy and to be sure there are pages and pages of interesting travel writing on the Thomas Cook blog. What makes this blog special is its topicality. I last looked at this blog on the 18th July, the most recent post was 14th July, its subject?

‘Our Guide to LGBTQ Holidays’. A post for the 7th July was about how the newly launched Snap Maps can be used as a tool for holiday research. If they maintain that level of topicality this is a blog people will keep coming back to again and again.


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