3 Brands With Enviable Public Image

3 Brands With Enviable Public Image

By Ima Matthew | Staff Writer on July 10, 2017

Modern brands began emerging in the 1950s when companies like Procter and Gamble, General Foods and Unilever developed the disciple of brand management and modern marketing, according to the Atlantic. Brand managers started focusing on innovating popular products to make them stand out from their competitors. And they started putting into motion the idea of modern-day market research and targeting markets to bring awareness to their brands.

Today’s brands have continued to evolve and refine their product differentiation to the point that you might wonder how they can possibly stand out from their competitors at all. But winning brands that really have it together focus on more than just product innovation. They also tap into the pain points and emotional triggers of their customers to provide a memorable experience. Get inspired by these three brands that really have it together.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works tapped into a winning business model where scents trigger emotions and memories. But they go beyond selling a few dozen fragrances and infusing them into multiple product lines. They release new fragrances every three to four weeks, for a staggering 200 new scents a year.

Bath and Body Works also retires some smells, then re-releases the ones in the highest demand to create a frenzy with their customers and on social media. They regularly post sales and discounts directly on their Facebook page to help stay connected with customers while reinforcing social engagement.


In an interview with Jim Cramer, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said millennials are drawn to their product, but all customers want to solve the pain points of a broken and arrogant mobile phone industry. Those are bold words coming from the company eating into the profits of Verizon and AT&T, but they’re clearly on the right path. T-Mobile posted its Q4 earnings in February 2014 and proved it has the best customer growth and revenue growth in the industry.

T-Mobile focuses on quality products, simpler phone bills and affordable price points and plans. Their Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is water-resistant, repelling spills, splashes and dunks without a protective case. The S8 plus is also sleek, slim and features wireless charging.


Disney practically invented the model for quality brands that have it together. Their popular theme parks are open 365 days a year and are frequently open for festivities like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Fest late at night. But perhaps more impressive than their festivities and whimsical rides is how immaculate the parks are. Disneyland alone has 1,500 workers on the night shift assigned to scrubbing and cleaning specific areas. It’s truly a city that never sleeps.

Meanwhile, their Magic Kingdom property in Orlando has 392,040 square feet of underground tunnels, complete with custom areas for Mickey, cast member cafeterias and a sophisticated garbage system. The Magic Kingdom relies on compressed air to propel garbage at 60 miles per hour to a central collection point where it’s processed or recycled. All of these things go relatively undetected by their patrons, but all add up to a seamless and flawless experience where attention to detail is everything.


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