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BREAKING: Panic As Earthquake Rattles Homes Across England

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An earthquake has hit a town in United Kingdom, making it the thrid to hit the town in two weeks.

The town of Leighton Buzzard has been hit by a 3.1-magnitude earthquake.

People in the Bedfordshire town said the quake happened at about 8:32am on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 with one describing how it felt like a ‘large truck’ hit their home.

The tremor took place at a depth of 10km, according to the British Geological Survey.

One resident tweeted that their ‘whole house shook’ during the earthquake, while another said they heard two ‘big bangs’ and felt ‘shaking’.

It comes after a 2.1-magnitude earthquake struck the town on September 13, following another 3.5-magnitude tremor on September 8.

This morning one resident tweeted: Just had our third #earthquake in #Leightonbuzzard in three weeks. @BritGeoSurvey, what’s happening?

“This one was at 9.35am and the first at 9.45am 2 weeks ago – is there any fracking going on, or is this just a coincidence?!”

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre earlier said the magnitude 3.6 earthquake hit at 9.32am and had a depth of five kilometres, but later downgraded this to a magnitude 3.1 tremor.

The tremor struck 16 kilometres north east of High Wycombe, and 14 kilometres west of Hemel Hempstead in nearby Hertfordshire.

The British Geological Survey had initially tweeted: “We are getting reports of an earthquake in the Leighton Buzzard area this morning.

“We are currently investigating this and will update you as soon as we can.”

But the BGS then confirmed the earthquake, and said the magnitude 3.0 tremor had a depth of 10 kilometres.

Twitter users reported the shaking shortly after 9.30am this morning.

One said: “Was that another earthquake in Leighton Buzzard? Anyone else feel that?”

Another said: “Yup. Rattling the crockery in the kitchen cupboards!”

A third said: “Why does this keep happening?”

Parts of Bedfordshire also reported shaking.

One person tweeted: “Just had another earthquake in Milton Keynes – just like the one on 8th September, but not quite as strong.”

Another commented: “Did anyone just feel an earthquake in the luton area? Or should I be worried about our flats?

“Apparently there has been another one.

“It wasn’t much here, a tremor, but jeez they feel so wrong.”

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