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‘Yes, Buhari Is Corrupt’ – Anglican Archbishop Says In Explosive Interview

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The Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption posture is disingenuous because the president does nothing about the corruption in his cabinet.

During an interview with The Sun, the respected clergyman regretted Buhari’s inability to control the menace of the killer Fulani herdsmen in the country saying that by remaining silent on the Fulani militia killings in his Democracy Day speech, the president demonstrated he was only paying lip service to the issue.

He maintained that the Fulani herdsmen killings was a grand plot orchestrated to Islamize Nigeria and that the victims of the grazing terrorism were ready to defend themselves.

“We are ready to face them. Any evil herdsman that performs any nonsense anywhere in the South-east should be ready for war. We are not going to draw a reprisal, but we will defend ourselves and make sure that they do not exist in this area anymore to rape our women, destroy our farms and unleash criminality,” Chukwuma said.

Dr. Chukwuma rated Buhari’s one year in office very low and said that Buhari is corrupt. “APC came on with a deceitful colour,” he declared. “Blowing the mind of Nigerians day-by-day with bogus promises, which we are yet to see.”

When pressed to comment on Buhari, the archbishop said, “Yes, Buhari is corrupt! You want to hear it from my mouth? He is corrupt and I am emphatic about it!”

“He would not say he is not. If he is not corrupt, why did he allow corrupt people, especially former governors to serve in his government?

“How did he source the money used to fund his election? Why is he giving an individual that is being accused of corruption key portfolio in his government, if he is not corrupt himself?

“There are several instances to prove that he is corrupt. Look at some former governors and others, if they did not use their states’ funds to sponsor Buhari’s election, as have been severally alleged, what can the president tell Nigerians that make this set of people more qualified to handle two or more key ministries, each of which is even a huge load on an individual?

“How many heads does Fashola have, or what makes him more human, more capable or more qualified to handle three huge ministries if not to enable him recoup monies he used to sponsor Buhari’s election? The same with Amaechi. That is corruption.

“It is most unfortunate that the government of he, who claims to be an apostle of anti-corruption is filled with questionable and corrupt individuals.”

Chukwuma also took Nigeria’s information minister to the cleaners in the interview. He questions why Buhari had not taken action against Mohammed over the attempt to compel the Nigerian Communication Commission to loan him N13 million for a trip to China. He said it was God that exposed Lai Mohammed and that he was nothing but a sycophant.

“Look at the minister of information, Lai Mohammed, who recently attempted to compel the Nigerian Communication Commission – an agency under his ministry – to loan him over N13 million to fund his un-named official trip to China,” he said.

“If not that God exposed him by leaking his memo to that effect, that money would have been cornered just like that. It shows that such thing has been happening – muscling agencies and parastatals under him to loan him money that may never be repaid. Is that not sheer abuse of office? Has the president done anything about that? We all know why. That is also corruption.

“The information minister has just been making too much noise with no reasonable impact. Look at even the budget. How can you budget over N39 billion for information propaganda? That amount is more than the budget of some two ministries put together.

“What do you need such money for; to feed Nigerians with more lies and deceit? The man has got to a point where the president should relieve him because function of party propagandist is different from that of a country’s image maker, which Lai is yet to realise. Lai Mohammed is a sycophant just like Jonathan’s Labaran Maku,” he said.

The clergyman also spoke about the renewed Biafra agitations in the country. You may read the full interview at The Sun.

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