It Gets Worse: Buhari Slashes Federal University Staff Salaries By Half

It Gets Worse: Buhari Slashes Federal University Staff Salaries By Half

By Ekemini Ekwere | News Reporter on March 1, 2016
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari speaks after casting his vote at a polling station in the 'Gidan Niyam Sakin Yara A ward' at Daura in Katsina State on March 28, 2015. | AFP/Pius Utomi Ekpei/Getty Images

Federal University Staff did not smile to the bank as their February salaries came in slashed by half without reason.

President Muhammadu Buhari sprung a surprise at the staff of Federal Universities by slashing their salaries without prior warning nor reasons.

“We were called for an emergency meeting on Monday morning and the vice chancellor announced that our salaries have been slashed by half by the Federal Government”, a senior staff in one of the Federal Universities told The Trent.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he added: “There was confusion when we received our pay yesterday and it was half the usual amount. Every staff in the university received half salaries for February, both senior and junior staff.

“This is a very sad development, as we all know, prices of things have gone up, a reduction in income will take a very negative toll on us.

“Before now, the universities have been poorly funded by the Federal Government, since the advent of TSA. We only pay in money to the account but we do not withdraw. No money is being released to the institution.

“We stay in hot offices because there is no money to buy fuel.

“The Buhari-led administration needs to change their mode of operation. Everything is running down.”

A staff in another Federal University confirmed this development saying “We received half salaries since January. It is really bad. We do not know how long this will last. We do not know whether it is temporary or permanent. There has been no official statement from the Presidency on this.”


  1. I’m not surprised, Buhari doesn’t value education and he doesn’t have brain cells.

    It’s only natural that the dullard of Daura would try to destroy education first

  2. God is speaking in Nigeria, let my people go, the only solution to what is going on in Nigeria is to allow God’s people to go.

  3. It is rather unfortunate that PMB came during most trying time of dwindling oil revenue. Undoubtedly, he has good intentions. May God salvage our country from this quagmire.

  4. May I say that Nigeria is passing through a tough time. This is obvious. Buhari is doing his best but has to be courteous . He should have called the VCS through the Minister of Education. I know Nigerians will laugh at last.

  5. Arrant Nonsense, Buhari, a confused man, Buhari did nt plan anything before his ascendancy. Nothing, will change as far as that Daura man is in power but it’s an open eye to the electorate.

  6. Nasir pls u guys should stop dis defensive mechanism. We had global economic meltdown,n it wasn’t like dis.Accept 4once dat PMB needs 2v a direction 2our economic quagmire rather Dan continue chasing the dwindle oil. He should sit down,use the money recovered from looters 2salvage the economy.Stop defending his mistakes,but rather tell him the true picture of our country

  7. This is dictatorship. I want Mr President to know that we are in a democracy era so he should learn to consult and communicate appropriately.

  8. But why he do this like that? This not a solution, PMB is only compounding Nigerian economic quagmire. God help him!

  9. Sometimes I wonder the kind of comment people are making, you want change and you are not patient enough, change is not an easy task, look back on the history of the world greatest people their people suffer before they finally smile. We are praying for God intervention because the bad eggs of the country doesn’t want PMB to make this country a better one. But we have confidence in Him that He will not let us down. To make a change alot of sacrifices has to be made, for better future of the country. But some people are self centered only thinking about their immediate benefit. Please let us join hand in praying for our country.

  10. Do u know that 300000 Zimbabwe Dollar = $1.
    Are u aware 12000 dat Indonesia rupiah = $1
    17917 Sao tome & principle std = $1
    24875 Iranian Rian = $1
    22381 vietnam dong = $1
    9898 Belarus rupple = $1
    4645 Paraguay guaran =$1
    1229 south Korea won = $1.
    It is high time we tell IMF to go to hell. Let’s forget what dollar is and focus on what naira can buy at home. The best economy is not determined by the exchange rate but by GDP and how home business strives. SUPPORT NIGERIA MADE GOODS AND SUPPORT PMB. LETS NOT DEVALUE THE NAIRA, WE ARE BEING PRESSURIZED BY IMF AND THE WESTERN WORLD. SAY YES TO MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS & say NO to naira devaluation. …..

    • Strong currency is not necessarily purchasing power. How does household income of a common citizen stand in comparison? A currency may exchange 1million gits to one dollar, yet household monthly income is at par with the rest of the developed economies.

  11. Why is PMB slashing salaries when our legislators plan on spending as much as N4.7b in buying exotic cars. Hmmmm I think PMB should start by cutting the excesses of these pple before punishing the masses! How does he expect pple to survive with half pay when the full pay is nothing to write home about considering the hike in prices including fuel. PMC should be sensitive to the needs of the pple that elected him nd not ….

  12. Some people stole this country blind and put us where we are Lets look inwards like China did many years ago By the time we turn our back on foreign goods for three years the Naira will become stronger than the Dollar We have to fight the bad time to earn the GOOD days

  13. Change is foreign(borrowed from Obama’s campaign slogan) while Transformation is Indigenous,so looking inward MUST be indigenous in its entirety. Nigeria and Nigerians beware!

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