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Opinion: Buhari’s Tyranny And The Call For Revolution In Nigeria

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you sincerely pleased with the situation in Nigeria under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari? This is the first question every Nigerian should ask themselves before deciding on actions to take.

I was wondering when things will begin to take shape then I discovered that people of Nigeria still have a long way to go because the country has become a police state where citizens are subjected to the will of dictator Buhari.

The call for revolution “Real Change” is growing from every front on a daily basis; the Academy Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has joined the call.

There are many issues that necessitated this urgent call, at this point Nigerian people can no longer pretend that things are alright, people are very angry about the state of the economy.

is it the issue of the massacre of Shi’ites we should talk about where thousands of the people were killed in cold blood? Or the Indigenous people of Biafra or the families and ethnic groups of the political prisoners under the tyrannical persecutions?

Too many things are going very wrong under Buhari which needs very serious and urgent solutions to fit them. If things continue at this rate, 2019 may not be a reality for many to see.

I am not a prophet of doom. Reality check has it that a lot of Nigerians are under severe hunger, pain, heart break, anguish and poverty due to mismanagement of Nigerian economy by Buhari.

People can no longer send their kids to school, job loss on a daily basis, people have now turned to beggars, people can barely eat once a day or access to affordable healthcare since Buhari came with his catastrophic economic agenda that is destroying businesses and the economy.

It was unfortunate that Nigerians failed to dig deep to research about Buhari’s first coming in 1983/84. Nigerians allowed themselves to be fooled by the “Change Mantra” that is now changing them for the worst.

Buhari as a dictator has locked up Reuben Abati, Femi Fani-Kayode, Nnamdi Kanu, Ibrahim El Zakzaky and e.t.c as political prisoners for always expressing their concerns about the bad shape Nigerian economy.

Buhari’ DSS went in a Gestapo style to invade the homes of federal judges and Supreme Court justices at midnight and locked them up on the allegations of corruption with no concrete evidence to back them up.

Since Buhari came to power, he has found himself in the business of starring the calm waters than to restore the economy.

He started with Legislators then moved to the Judiciary and every other institution that is capable of checkmating his tyranny.

He tried to harass and intimidate them with his EFCC and DSS boys. Certainly, Buhari did not come to change Nigeria, he only came as a pretender whose claim is fight against corruption but Nigerians now know better.

What corruption is Buhari fighting when people cannot afford to feed or pay medical bills of their children and families because he is wrecking the economy every day?

What corruption is Buhari fighting when only his political enemies are being locked up in prison for alleged corruption without fair trial?

What corruption is Buhari fighting when his cabinet ministers like Babatunde Fashola, Kayode Fayemi, Rotimi Amaechi, his army chief, General Tukur Buratai, Abdulrahman Dambazau and others around him are accused of corruption but turn a blind eyes at the allegations?

What corruption is Buhari fighting when he refused to allow Sambo Dasuki defend himself in an open trial which is capable of unearthing the real truth behind the whole drama?

It is sad that in a democratic nation as Nigeria, once Buhari proclaim you guilty with or without evidence through his state boys in EFCC or DSS, no one or court can set you free, people can no longer get justice in the court. This is pure wickedness and trampling on the fundamental human right of citizens as enshrined in the constitutions.

They have succeeded neither in making mockery of the whole anti corruption fight because Nigerians have come to realize that it is not sincere, genuine nor for the interest of people but for a political vengeance to suppress the opposing voices against his administration.

Buhari is working very hard to achieve a totalitarian government where he will not be accountable nor be answerable to anyone be it Legislators, Judiciary or the Constitution he swore to abide by its provisions.

The call for revolution in Nigeria is growing every day; people cannot wait till 2019 because fact checker has it that INEC cannot do justice to the people’s desires to change Buhari.

INEC cannot conduct credible elections as they used to do before Buhari came to power; they now wait to hear what the President want before they can make any decision. So, opposition political parties might not have any chance in 2019 except a very drastic approach is used.

Nigerians might not freely exercise their franchise in 2019 because INEC has become an appendage of President Buhari with his family members and associate running the affairs of the commission.

The question now is, what is the way out to ensure that Nigeria is liberated from the much more danger that is come?


As far as Nigeria is concerned, some few “Hailing Hailers” will continue to sing praises of Buhari no matter how ugly the situation becomes, don’t listen to them.

Nigerians must rise up and take back the county before it is completely destroyed by Buhari’s pretense of fighting corruption.

Buhari has no clue on how Nigeria can be fixed, let’s not waste our time hoping for things to change because the more the people hope, the bad things becomes.

The good people of Nigeria should fix the problem once and for all as the call for “Real change” grows bigger every day.

Adelaja Adeoye is a blogger, social and political commentator who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. He tweets from @AdelajaAdeoye.

The opinion expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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