Buhari’s Clampdown On Freedom Of Speech, Social Media, By @FavourAfolabi

Buhari’s Clampdown On Freedom Of Speech, Social Media, By @FavourAfolabi

By Favour Afolabi | Op-Ed Contributor on November 24, 2015
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General Muhammadu Buhari, arrives the Eagle Square for his Inauguration in Abuja, Nigeria, Friday, May 29, 2015. (Photo Credit: AP/Sunday Alamba)

First, I’m reliably informed that “I am on a list” that influenced the FGN in coming up with this self-regulation idea.

Second, once again I’m being proven right regarding Buhari/APC – these guys are going to rewrite the history of “free/participatory/expressive democracy in this nation.”

Third, Lai and his DSS shouldn’t bother about folks like – I’m already 40 “and possibly retiring from this blogging thing” – they should be worried about the 20+ year olds that “they promised they would make Nigeria into the US for” – those they told “they would pay N5,000 for being jobless” – those they told “they would bring down the Price of Petrol to N50 for” – those they told “they would create 100m jobs for” – those are the people they should be afraid of!

They will need to employ a large army of DSS operatives to monitor those ones – they will need to plant their operatives in UNILAG, UNICAL, ABU; at Bars, Clubs, Newspaper vendor spots; and they will also need to work with the TELCOs – they will need to build a massive data farm to contain all these info – in the same way, they will need to build a Guantanamo Bay – somewhere in the Chad Basin or Lekki Deep Waterways to separate these “Online Terrorists” from the public space. Nigeria – I welcome you to a new world – you now have “Your Saul” that you insisted on having – all of a sudden, after using young Nigerians to murder the image of Jonathan – effectively executing a coup against the man, APC now knows they’ve created a Cobra that will come back to bite them – and they must kill that animal knowing how potent it’s venom can be – APC has already seen that “in only 6 months, they’ve almost lost all the goodwill they STOLE from the people leading to the polls” and they are trying to quickly forestall a situation in which “in the next 2 years, these same young people will be asking them to step down from Office.”

To those of you – especially the older ones that supported this All Propaganda Congress (APC), and helped them to mislead the younger generation that put them in Office, this would be a good time for you to repent of your sins – and saving the last modicum of self-respect you might have left by not sinking yourself further on the path of “Yes, It is true – Social Media needs to be regulated” but I am not counting on you to do the honourable thing here because that would be inconsistent with your self-induced nature of crass hypocrisy.

To Lai, I say – “Sad, you’ve moved from being a propagandist that produced the winning party to becoming the Goebells that is going to sustain Hitler in Office!”

Favour Afolabi is a political commentator who runs fbablogs.com in his spare time; and owns a real estate brokerage services company. He tweeted from @favourafolabi.

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