5 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Online Business Within One Year

5 Simple Ways To Build Your Own Online Business Within One Year

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Nigeria is one of the best African countries to live if you are a young entrepreneur. That is because you’ll probably be able to build an English language online business. This will allow you to make western wages while residing in a country where the cost of living is lower.

The only problem people will have is deciding which kind of online business to start. Try to build the next Snapchat or Twitter if your dream is to own a billion dollar company, but almost everyone who does it will fail. We’re going to look at the easiest options you’ll have success with.

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Start Shooting Videos

If you want to be great at something it generally means being in the top 25 percent in the world, which is easy if you work hard and you’re passionate. When you finally reach that level you can make videos about the subject.

Everyone from Toronto DUI lawyers to Chinese jugglers have a YouTube channel these days. If you keep uploading informative videos it’s possible to make thousands of US dollars per month.

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Search Engine Optimization

There is usually one rule that always stands true when it comes to making money online. If you can help another company increase their profits they’ll always be willing to hire you because they can’t lose.

Perhaps the most common way to do this is by building backlinks for other websites, which will help them rank higher in Google. You can get clients by emailing people and offering to do the first small job for free.

Writing Multiple eBooks

You don’t have to be a superb writer to make money with books. You only need to know enough information about a certain subject to be helpful, but unlike shooting videos you can research topics instead of being an expert in them.

Then you publish books in places like the Amazon Kindle store and with a little marketing you can earn thousands of US dollars from a cheap eBook. The real trick with book publishing is to write as many as possible.

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Sign Up To Job Boards

What is the one thing in the world every website needs? They’ll want content and you can provide it for them instead of writing books. The income isn’t passive but you’ll make money much quicker.

iWriter is a good example of a site to get started with. If you’re capable of writing good articles you’ll be able to choose the ones you like from a job board. Once they’re approved you’ll instantly earn money.

Build An Affiliate Site

When you build a website and promote products you’ll get a commission for each sale. The possibilities are endless as long as you know how to generate traffic. Being able to offer the right products to your readers helps too.

At a recent conference criminal lawyers in Toronto did remind everyone about eBay helping send their top affiliate to jail. If you’re going to go down this route it needs to be done in a legitimate way.

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It’s Time To Take Action

If any of these ideas seem interesting to you now is the time to take action. Within the next year you could possibly be making more money than you’ve ever made in your life. None of these are impossible businesses to build and you need to keep going until you succeed.


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