Sunglasses really are win-win: they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays all year round and just about everyone looks cool wearing them. With so many different colors, sizes and styles to choose from, throwing on a pair of shades is one of the fastest ways to update your summer wardrobe with minimal effort.

In spite of this, so many of us struggle to find frames that perfectly suit our face. Frustratingly, there is no logic to say that buying the most expensive pair will necessarily mean you’ll get the style that’s best for you. Based on your face shape, our guide will help you find frames to see you through the summer, year after year.


Face Shape: Square

Facial Appearance: You have a wide and defined or angular jaw and a straight hairline.

Styles to look for: Curved or rounded frames will soften prominent features. Vintage aviator styles and 60s cat’s eye frames will always stay on trend, no matter how long you continue to wear them. Fashion guru Michael Kors is known for his chic retro-feel sunglasses, and his collections frequently serve up a great range of styles for square face shapes.


Face Shape: Oval

Facial Appearance: Your face is longer than it is wide, with proportional features.

Styles to look for: Well, lucky you! Any style will suit the versatile dimensions of an oval face shape. If your face is slightly on the long side, square-edged frames can help balance out proportions. Since you have the power to pull of any style, why not make an eyewear statement and experiment with edgier styles such as colored transparent frames and bold geometric shapes. If you’re feeling really bold, how about investing in some wearable technology…?

Face Shape: Round

Facial Appearance: Your cheekbones and forehead are equal width. You have soft features and a rounded (less angular) bone structure, particularly around the forehead and jaw.

Styles to look for: You can flatter the proportions of a round face shape with square-edged geometric frames that draw the eye horizontally; as with square face shapes, 60s style Jackie O frames work well for you.


Face Shape: Heart

Facial Appearance: One of the most easily recognizable and distinct face shapes! You have a broad brow with a tapering or narrow chin, leading to the ‘heart shape’ nickname.

Styles to look for: To maintain harmony with the proportions of your face, opt for sunglasses with transparent frames or narrow legs. You may also want to consider styles that are wider at the bottom of the frames, or frames that flick out to the sides in a feline style, to draw away from a narrow chin.

Don’t forget to Protect…

Whatever sunglasses you go for, make sure you pick a pair that shield your eyes in style in the highest standards of safety to deliver 100% UVA and UVB protection.


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