...says 'God revealed to me I'll lead Christians in Nigeria'

Reverend Samson Ayokunle
Reverend Samson Ayokunle

Dr. Samson Ayokunle has said he foresaw his election to lead Christians in Nigeria in 2015.

The cleric, who is the newly elected president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari, to “maintain balance and keep close to constitution”, irrespective of his religious affiliation to avoid opening the door for lawlessness in the society, also criticised the enlistment of Nigeria into a coalition under the aegis of Organisation of Islamic Countries.

Ayokunle, president of Nigerian Baptist Convention, made the revelation in an interview with journalists immediately after his election last week in Abuja.

It was in reaction to some national issues, including the killing of an Igbo business woman in Kano and tack on a Christian in Kaduna for allegedly eating during Ramadan.

He said, “Well, in one of these nights in October 2015, when I was doing my holiday in Houston, Texas with my wife, I had a dream that I participated in CAN presidential election and I saw a bloc that is not mine, voting for me enmass. And I woke my wife up and I said, ‘Mummy, am I going to be a candidate in CAN’s election’?

“And she said, ‘no you are not going to be in Jesus Name’. I asked ‘why’ and she said, ‘the trouble there is too much, I don’t want you for that type of trouble’. I said, ‘well life is a sacrifice and I don’t think God is a joker, He doesn’t joke.’ God is communicating something to us and I don’t think we need to reply through emotion, we need to be serious and go into serious prayers to know the mind of God concerning this matter.”

According to him, Islamic leaders should mentor their children properly and ascertain who is “radicalising their children and turning them into murderers” and be able to teach what is right, to reduce religious intolerance.

Dr. Ayokunle said, “Whenever the government is not upholding the sanctity of the constitution in terms of the secularity of our existence, the church must speak out without fear of favour. For example, we have been talking of OIC. Does the government of Nigeria have the right to take the country into OIC? Is it in keeping with the spirit of the constitution? No and when you continue to pull people, the limit is to push them to the wall, if you have been telling people to move and they move to the wall and you are still telling them move, where do you want them to move to?

“So the government of Nigeria should not take things for granted and think that Christians are fools and they will be seen to be promoting one religion above the other or favor one religion to the detriment of the other. Whenever we see that, we are going to tell them to be very careful and we are going to speak out. Who you are going to worship is a fundamental right of every individual and government is there to protect that, not to force one religion on the other.

“I want to advise the present government to maintain balance and keep close to constitution irrespective of the religious belief of those in government. The government should respect the constitution of Nigeria because if the government breaks the constitution of Nigeria on religion alone, they have already opened the door for lawlessness in the society.”

Ayokunle also called on the Islamic leaders to talk to their children who, he said, are not giving them honour by what they are doing.

“They (children) are bringing disgrace to the religion of Islam; we have existed together for many years without this type of development, so it is the duty of the Islamic leaders in Nigeria to look for those who are radicalising their children and turning them into murderers and be able to apprehend them and hand them over to the government or speak to them to teach what is right.

“To say that they are not Muslims is so embarrassing. So who are they? Are they Christians? Are they pagans? If they are pagans why do they owe allegiance to the Koran? Do pagans, hold Koran or owe allegiance to it”, he emphasised.

According to Ayokunle, the recent attack on a Christian for eating during fasting was the height of religious intolerance and bestiality.

He said, “Somebody was going to eat in the afternoon; he was not a Muslim, what right do you have to go and stab that person in a law abiding society? From where are they coming? When you are not from the bush, you are not a beast, how can you just behave like that? What is Nigeria becoming in the name of religion?

“So these are the things we must all rise to condemn. Since nobody has monopoly to guns and violence, we should not continue to provoke people. There is a theory in psychology that instigation to aggression depends on the degree of frustration. If you continue to frustrate a people they may end up becoming aggressive, we don’t want that state.”


  1. Thank you my president. I like your spirit. You have said it all. I think God someone like on board for such a time like this. I have been praying for a leader who have your kind of mind set and now you are here. Please do your work. Shalom.

  2. Speakout Mr president u’re our the leader representing us in christiandom,the one before u can speak out because he is afraid. I pray that almighty God will give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be Stephen of old through Christ Jesus our Lord amen

  3. We must insist on total respect and adherence to the constitutional provision of SECULARITY of Nigeria. The body language of this administration clearly suggests a preference and superiority of one religion over all others. It surely portends great danger to the unity and corporate existence of our dear nation. We must live and let others live as well. God bless Nigeria.

  4. It is not wrong to have a moslem President, but to have a radical moslem as a President is dangerous and that is what we are beginning to see. Buhari is an extreme moslem. He has no respect for the rule of law, disregard court orders. He has a Sharia mentality. And I actually blame those Christians who voted and are still supporting this indirect jihadist

  5. This is an answered prayer for the church. Praise GOD that finally our church leaders are rising to their responsibilities. We are fully behind you sir, as you submit totally and absolutely to the HOLY SPIRIT.

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