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Fortune-telling: Can Tarot Cards Be Completely Wrong?

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]an tarot cards reading be completely wrong? What do you think? The art of tarot card reading has been there for centuries. The fact that reading has survived all these years’ means there is something special about them. If you get an experienced and qualified reader, tarot card reading can a perfect experience for you. However, there are so many myths and misconceptions about tarot card reading. Tarot card reading works. It has worked for many, and it can work for you also. The misinterpretation of the cards is something that has been there, and it will be there, depending on the card reader. It is common for inaccuracies to be there in card reading.

In fact, if a reader makes a prediction that does not come to pass, it does not always mean they are not legit. Predictions are subject to changes. A reader may make predictions based on prevailing conditions. But something can happen later and changes everything. There should always be room for this. There are so many legit readers out there. Some do readings online, while others do it live. Irrespective of the approach used, accurate predictions can be made. By the same token, inaccuracies can be there. But the question is, can tarot cards be completely wrong? This blog will give you solutions to this problem. So, read to the end and see and enrich your understanding. You should always have realistic expectations.

tarot cards wrong

Tarot reading is a complex process and significantly depends on the energies surrounding the individual in question. Whenever you ask a question, you should always be willing to listen to the kind of answer given. Tarot reading is basically a time snapshot. It can offer advice on a particular condition and reflect the likely outcomes based on different choices, as well as the route you may take.

Nevertheless, it is not established in the stone. You are at liberty to make decisions that might have a butterfly outcome and impact your future. Since tarot reading is based on divination, the verdict on the future cannot be definite, like what science does. Tarot is made on 78 deck cards. For this reason, the issue of whether there is a wrong or right tarot reading shouldn’t be there.

You will only be given several likely solutions that can help you make an appropriate decision. The predictions are made depending on the cards that the individual selects. As we mentioned earlier, the experience of the reader is important when to come to the issue of accuracy. A reader who just got started may not be having all it takes to make the correct predictions, though even experienced readers sometimes make some inaccuracies in their predictions.

It is also good to keep in mind that readers are not the same. They all have distinct ways of interpreting the cards. A strategy that works for me may not work for you. Importantly, the cards have unique ways of portraying their meanings to different individuals. Try to check more tarot reading tips online.

Can tarot card lie? I think you have an answer to this question now. However, there is a common saying that the cards can never lie. How true is this assertion? Well, it is true to a certain extent. Whatever force applies behind the card, it will keep answering the concerns you have if you keep asking. Nonetheless, you need accuracy and good insight. Many individuals are of the opinion that if the reading is inaccurate, it is due to misinterpretation by the reader. This might be a correct perspective. But let us dwell on that a little bit more.

How the cards can be wrong

Tarot cards can actually be wrong in two common instances, when the reader is overly invested in the issue or when he is perhaps not grounded to give a correct reading. Let us take a practical example here. Assume Jane is a Tarot reader but in love with a guy called John. She is really interested in knowing whether indeed John loves another lady. Jane is quite intense and passionate, and when she loves, she really loves absolutely. The idea of John being in love with someone else devastates her. As she tries to shuffle the cards, she is in fear with her stomach-churning. Her head is filled with pictures of her love john with a different lady.

When the time is ripe to spread the cards, she interprets them to mean he is in love with another woman. This can be because of what the cards actually say or due to the fears that overwhelm her. In this case, the truth may or may not be that the guy is actually in love with another lady. The attachment Jane has to the condition cannot allow her to have an accurate reading. In other words, Jane’s great emotional attachment to the situation manipulates the cards. This is a common mistake many people make. That is why it is wise for someone else to do the reading for you. Your significant emotional energy can make you misinterpret the cards’ meanings or even influence the cards. In such a case, it would be wise if the reader would stay away from the cards sometimes.

A tarot reading can also turn out to be wrong in case the reader is just tired, lacks the necessary energy, or if he is numb. Someone tired is likely to be mind-boggled at cards, and there it becomes insensible to base essential conclusions on an incorrect tarot spread. The divine and universal energies revolving around the cards cannot work effectively due to the depletion of their natural sources.

The Bottom Line

Tarot card reading can hardly lie. Nonetheless, inaccuracies can be made. The cards can be misinterpreted based on a number of things, some of which have been discussed here. It is essential to have a different person do the reading for you. When looking for a reader, pay attention to qualifications and experience. What can you do to prevent misinterpretation of the cards? We will answer that question in our next discussion.

Thank you!

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