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Canadian Senate Commends Burna Boy, Notes Grammy Winner’s Sold Out Shows [WATCH]

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OTTAWA, Canada – In a remarkable showcase of global cultural influence, Nigerian Afrobeats singer Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, has achieved a historic milestone by selling out Montreal’s iconic venue, The Bell Centre, on consecutive nights.

This achievement makes him the first African artist to do so, drawing commendation from notable Canadian figures and the Canadian Senate itself.

Marcel Lebleu, Director General of the West And Central African Bureau at Global Affairs Canada, praised Burna Boy for his impact on the Canadian music scene.

“I don’t know if you know Burna Boy. He is an Afrobeats singer. He was in Montreal three weeks ago, sold out The Bell Centre twice. That’s about 35,000 people,” Lebleu remarked.

He emphasised the significance of the culture industry, adding, “He was also in Toronto. We don’t think about the culture industry a lot but this is an important industry. For example, Nollywood.”

The Canadian Senate has also acknowledged the contribution of Burna Boy and the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, to the global expansion and growth of Nigerian cultural exports.

Senator Peter Boehm, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, expressed his personal admiration for the artist.

“I was listening to Burna Boy the other night,” he shared.

Further cementing his fandom, Senator Boehm tweeted from his verified X account, celebrating Burna Boy’s album “Twice as Tall” (2020), “Being tall, I continue to enjoy listening to @burnaboy ‘Twice as Tall’ on my playlist.”

This recognition from such high-level Canadian officials highlights the increasing influence of Nigerian music and cinema on the global stage, marking a significant cultural bridge between Canada and Nigeria.

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