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How To Care For Your Pillow So It Lasts As Long As It Should

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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]illows make a difference in sleep comfort and support to the neck and head as you sleep. Some experts recommend sleeping flat without a pillow, but if this does not work for you then you are better off choosing a pillow that is high quality and structured to offer you the best sleeping comfort. Contrary to what many people think, fluffy pillows are not necessarily the best; firm but comfortable ones are better since they conform to your neck and head easily. This way you remain in the right sleeping posture avoiding pains and stiffs in the process.

When you take a few things into consideration you should be able to choose a good pillow. Tuft and Needle Pillows are some of the best the market has to offer. But even after getting the perfect pillow, you still need to accord it the necessary care to have it serving your needs efficiently for the longest time possible. Below is a highlight of some of the simplest things you can do to keep your pillow clean and comfortable for longer. 

Replacing your pillow

The type of pillow you have can determine when it is time to make a replacement. For instance, it is wise to replace your pillow annually or every two years if it is hard to wash or comes with fills that are not high quality to retain support over a long period of time. It is important to remember the pillow collects sweat, drool, oils, dirt, and fungi and even dust mites over time. They are all elements that can interfere with its structure and support, hence if it is not entirely washable regular replacement is necessary. Clumpy or yellowed pillows can be unsightly and uncomfortable, so always remember to check to determine whether it is time for a replacement.

The collections on the pillow could also be harmful to people with allergies, which makes it even more important to replace old pillows. But how do you know it is time to replace the pillow?

  • If you fold the pillow and it stays folded instead of bouncing back into place
  • If you constantly feel a need to fold the pillow while sleeping to achieve the right support
  • If you start waking up with a stiff neck or back and shoulder pains
  • If you have to keep reshaping the pillow for the right shape and height
  • If it looks too flat for your liking
  • It has a smell that won’t go away even with washing

The above are just some of the pointers that it is time to make a change, but you can definitely replace your pillow as soon as you feel a need to do so.

Cleaning your pillow

Cleaning your pillow is very important in ensuring it remains in good shape and serves your needs diligently. The kind of fill your pillow has will determine the cleaning possibilities you have. Some pillows will only clump and degrade when you wash them, hence you only need to wash the pillow cover or case on a regular basis to enjoy a clean pillow. Other types can be sanitized and washed every now and then to preserve shelf life. The most important thing you can do for your pillow is to follow the washing instructions provided by your manufacturer. The manufacturer knows the pillow best and going contrary to the guidelines can damage it. But generally here are a few cleaning tips for the common pillow types.

Memory foam and latex pillows
  • Wash the covers that come with the pillow regularly
  • If possible hand wash the pillow using lukewarm water and mild detergent then air dry flat
  • Dry completely to avoid mildew
  • Avoid machine washing or dry cleaning otherwise you will degrade and break up the foam
Feather and down pillows
  • They are washable but they should not be dry cleaned
  • Use delicate cycle and mild detergent ideally on front loading washing machine
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener when washing
  • Use medium heat to dry the pillows until completely dry to avoid clumping up of feathers inside
  • During machine drying, remove pillow, fluff and cool to avoid scorching it
  • Add wool laundry balls to dry cycle to maximize fluffiness
Pillow life extending tips

If you just want to freshen your pillow, just put in in your dryer for a few minutes on medium heat to kill dust mites and keep the fluff. Too much washing does damage your pillow structure and will rob it of life

  • Invest in a good pillow protector to act as a barrier to the elements that degrade your pillow
  • Go for pillow covers that are designed to keep bacteria and dust mites from getting into your pillow. A moisture repellent and breathable cover is best
  • Ensure you wash the pillow covers every time you clean your sheets to keep the pillow fresh and hygienic
  • Only wash pillows that are washable and replace those that cannot be washed on a regular basis. Follow instructions provided by your pillow manufacturer
  • Avoid wetting the pillow in case it gets wet, dry it completely. You can air dry or machine dry completely to reduce risks of mildew that can damage it and cause health issues for you
  • Use your pillow in the right way and for the right purpose. For instance, using it as a cushion will only shorten its life 
What Pillow Is Best For You?

There are so many brands offering high quality pillows and when you know exactly what you are looking for, choosing the perfect pillow for you is not a hard. It is important to remember that the pillows are designed for different sleeping style. Finding out what kind of sleeper you are is a good starting point to find the best for you. The type of fill is also a very important factor to consider.

Tuft and Needles pillows are designed with unique foam for unmatched support and comfort. You will love the long warranty and free trial period just to clear any doubts you might still have.

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