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Cassie Fallout: Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell Delete Diddy Photos on Social Media 

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LOS ANGELES, USA – Hip hop mogul Sean Combs, known as P. Diddy, is facing notable shifts in his close circles following his settlement with singer Casandra Ventura, popularly known as Cassie.

The settlement comes after Cassie’s lawsuit accused Combs of a decade-long pattern of violent abuse and rape.

Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell, who were present at Combs’ birthday party in London on November 9, have seemingly distanced themselves following these developments.

Both celebrities had shared photos from the event, held at LAVO restaurant and doubling as an album launch, on Instagram.

However, these posts have since been removed, signaling a potential fallout within Combs’ inner circle.

Cassie and Diddy
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Cassie

The details of the settlement between Combs and Cassie have not been disclosed publicly, circumventing a process that could have brought greater scrutiny to Combs’ past actions.

In her statement, Cassie expressed her desire to amicably resolve the matter, acknowledging the support of her family, fans, and legal team.

Combs’ attorney has consistently denied the allegations, describing them as “offensive and outrageous.”

Yet, the lawsuit seems to have been a critical point for Jackson and Campbell, suggesting a shift in their perspective or stance regarding Combs.

This development adds another layer to the complex narrative surrounding Combs, whose career has been marked by significant achievements in the music industry, as well as previous accusations of violent behaviour.

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