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‘I don’t really know my age’ – Charly Boy

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Charles Oputa, popularly identified as Charly Boy who just celebrated his birthday anniversary on Friday, June 19, 2015 in Abuja, has expressed that he does not really know his real age.

In his words; “I don’t really know my age.

“How people came about 64 is still a surprise to me.

“I am not particular about how old or young the number is, what I’m concerned about is the age of my mind and the age of my body.

“From my pysique and my energy, I feel like I am 35 years younger.

“However, going by the age of my mind, experiences, my responsibilites and wisdom I should be about 87 years of age.”

The Maverick Musician and controversial Area Father is the first son of the late iconic Nigerian legal luminary, Justice Chukwudiofu Oputa.

According to an exclusive interview with DAILY POST’s Esther Ogenyi, He disclosed that the lessons he learnt so far in life has made him to be open-minded and stay true to himself.

According to Area Father, he has learnt from experience to be strong, master his art of contentment and clean living with moderation to life without stress.

He also spoke about his relationship with his family stating, “My family is my rock, my children are my joy and pride.

“Family is what I have known all my life.

“I love all my children in different ways and I see a bit of me in all of them.

“And my strongest principle in life is ‘Live and let Live’, because you can’t live your life judging or labelling others when you don’t know the stuff they are made of.”

The weird musician who entered the Nigerian music scene in the 80s with his unique sense of fashion and style, like that of late Michaeal Jackson and British born pop singer Boy George mentioned that despite his age, his fashion culture is yet to be changed, stating that “it depends on my mood”.

However, Charly boy confessed that he has simmered down with less adventures than before because there is nothing much to prove in the pop culture again.

He mentioned that this days he tends to focus more on nurturing the peace and calm he feels within.

“When my usefulness is engaged, when I see the influence I bring in people’s lives, when I’m able to add value and make measurable contribution to individuals and society.

“When people who come in contact with me tell me am not what they thought or expected i would be.

“A lot of these testimonies form my very happy moment,” he said.

While speaking on the situations that get him emotional he expressed his displeasure and difficulty in saying goodbye, to see friends or loved ones off when they are travelling.

He also added that “As an adventurous person, I goofed many times but if I had to live it over again, I wouldn’t change anything.

“I mean, I don’t have regrets.

“I live life on the edge and to change would mean doing things in a conventional way.

“if it is not daunting and scary, it is certainly not for me.

“I want to think I scare myself too.

“Expect to see more exciting things as i reinvent myself, my brand and as I go a notch higher in shocking conventional and unintelligent minds, more creative inspiration abounds.”

 According to Wikipedia,  Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa , was born on Tuesday, June 19, 1951.

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