#SoundOff: The Nigerian Olympic Embarrassment And My New National Identity

#SoundOff: The Nigerian Olympic Embarrassment And My New National Identity

By Opinions | The Trent on August 7, 2016
The Nigerian Olympic team for Rio 2016 meet with President Muhammadu Buhari (in white) and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (in black) and the minister of sports, Solomon Dalung (in red beret) in the State House on July 20, 2016 | State House Photo

The level of embarrassment Nigeria is giving herself in this Olympics game is not making life easier for me! I shared the good part of yesterday when I went to work. Just as I saw another scandalous headline of why the Nigerian Olympic team wore tracksuits, I recalled one of our partners that I met yesterday. She had company and this happened.

Man: Where are you from?

Me: West Africa

The guy wouldn’t give up.

Man: Where in West Africa?

F^*#k his geography teacher! He was supposed to think Africa is a country! I reached into the force and summoned courage to say ‘Nigeria’.

Man: Oh yeah, did you watch the match you guys won?

Me: No

Man: Really? They did awesome after all they went through in Atlanta

And that’s the point: he KNEW all that went down and I knew this conversation was all about gauging my disposition. Well, I told him the supposed goddam red beret minister of sports doesn’t even know it’s called United States of America. We all praised Delta airlines for saving the day and I made them understand it wasn’t this bad till a brain dead Islamic bigot was rigged in.

Little history of how we went from 3rd place in the ‘fastest growing economies’ to what is it now? 46? All in one year. We all agreed it was a very sad situation and moved back to what brought me there.

I think I need to create a wonderful story of how we all in Africa see ourselves as one. That way, I can retain my African heritage without the stain of the sorry pungent name called Nigeria!

Let the hailers continue. Let the liars continue. Let the propagandists continue. I have no doubt that SOON, water go find him level. They don’t deceive hungry people, not even by mass hypnosis!

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