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CIEN Calls for Urgent Restructuring on Democracy Day

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ABUJA, Nigeria — The Coalition of Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities, CIEN, held a press briefing on June 12, 2024, Democracy Day, to address the state of the nation and call for urgent restructuring of Nigeria.

The event marked the 25th anniversary of Nigeria’s transition to civilian rule, a milestone overshadowed by socioeconomic and political challenges.

“We, the Coalition of Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities (CIEN), congratulate Nigerians and the Nigerian state on this auspicious day, as we commemorate our silver jubilee of unbroken democratic rule,” said Prof. Benjamin Okaba, Chairman of CIEN.

“This year’s Democracy Day, more than any other, calls for sober reflection and introspection by Nigerians, and most especially its political leadership.”

Since the end of military rule on May 29, 1999, Nigeria has experienced a steady decline in various aspects of its national life, according to CIEN.

The coalition highlighted issues such as secessionist movements, religious and ethnic intolerance, insurgency, terrorism, socioeconomic decline, and Nigeria’s diminished status on the international stage as pressing concerns.

“The hope that this change first rekindled and inspired in Nigerians has slowly but steadily degenerated into palpable despair,” Okaba stated.

The coalition emphasized the urgent need for restructuring the Nigerian Federation, attributing many of the nation’s problems to the 1999 Constitution.

CIEN believes that addressing these structural issues is crucial for Nigeria’s progress.

“Today, more than at any point in Nigeria’s history, calls for the urgent restructuring of the country have been at their loudest, and continue to reverberate,” Okaba said.

“The call for the restructuring of the Nigerian Federation is germane and an idea whose time has come.”

CIEN announced that it had formulated recommendations and templates for restructuring, which have been submitted to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Nigerian Senate, and the House of Representatives.

The coalition also shared these recommendations with the press to inform the public and stimulate dialogue.

“In furtherance of this, and conscious of the times, CIEN has forwarded a letter and accompanying recommendations to the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR,” said Okaba.

“CIEN has also forwarded these recommendations to the leaderships of the Nigerian Senate, and the House of Representatives, respectively.”

The coalition urged political representatives at all levels to take decisive action to ensure that the voices of Nigeria’s over 450 ethnic nationalities are heard and their aspirations realized.

“We call on the political representatives of our people as comprised in the various State Houses of Assembly, the House of Representatives and the Nigerian Senate, to rise to the occasion at this pivotal point in our history,” Okaba appealed.

CIEN reiterated its commitment to engaging with various stakeholders, including nationalities, influencers, labor and trade unions, professional bodies, religious leaders, traditional rulers, and political leaders, to achieve the restructuring of Nigeria for the benefit of all.

“In conclusion, CIEN is committed to its engagement with the different nationalities, influencers, labour and trade unions, professional bodies, religious bodies, traditional rulers, political leaders, and all relevant stakeholders,” Okaba concluded.

“It is our wish that Nigeria and all its indigenous ethnic nationalities, succeed.”

The press briefing ended with a call for unity and a renewed commitment to addressing the challenges facing Nigeria.

Signed on behalf of the Coalition of Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities (CIEN):

Prof. Benjamin Okaba
(Chairman, CIEN)

Mr. Timothy B. Gandu
(Co-Chairman, CIEN)

Mr. Nubari Saatah
(Secretary, CIEN)

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