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Coffee Enemas: The Perfect Solution To Detoxify Your Body

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince times immemorial, coffee enemas have managed to play a primary role in cleaning the colon. This detoxification process has been a favorite of people belonging to different cultures and is adopted worldwide. Coffee enemas have been around from the time of their original cultivation by Native American tribes. Even then, it was used as an effective liver cleanser with many benefits to its name. The concept of using enemas is not new and Hindus, Greeks, Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, and Sumerians have always used the technique for improving their wellness quotient.

In this article, we aim to discuss the detoxification benefits of a coffee enema and why you may look at it as an important component of your healthy lifestyle.

Coffee Enemas – the Perfect Solution to Detoxify Your Body

Colon therapies and effective detox methods such as enemas help remove the mucoid plaque formed around the walls of the colon. They are effective in eliminating the parasites present in the gut as well. Such detoxification processes enable better gut motility and are the precursor to healthy bowel movements. Dr. Jay Davidson from Microbe Formulas explains that if you feel worse after doing a coffee enema, it is because the detoxification process was successful and you are correcting a problem in your liver bile duct. So, one of the best means of going about the act relates to understanding where your gut health is getting affected and using the right methods to clean your colon and liver.

The Helpful Constituents of a Coffee Enema

Coffee comprises of several compounds that are effective for the stimulation of your liver. Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) is the most potent detoxifying enzyme in coffee and is effective in clearing the pathway for a clean digestive system. Caffeine stimulates the nerves present in your colon and liver and triggers off the release of toxins for instant elimination from the body system. Coffee enemas help free the liver from different toxins and hasten the overall detoxification process.

Why is Detox Necessary?

In the 21st century, maintaining one’s health has become a very challenging affair. It is impacting the health of people, especially for their colon and liver, in many ways. The buzz around fluoridated and chlorinated water is inundating. Chemicals, supplements, health fads, and different types of detoxifying food items are prevailing all around. The main challenge lies in processed food items that go through a very slow transit time. They tend to stick to the sides of the gut and also get encased in mucoid plaques that create toxic ridges within the colon. It can be very tough to get rid of these ridges. They restrict the speed of bowel movement and offer the right platform for parasites to grow and spread freely.

As the food remains in the colon, it begins to putrefy and also releases toxins that eventually reach the liver via the bloodstream. The vital digestive organs, like the liver, leave no stone unturned to detoxify the liver and colon and keep them clean. However, the gut manages to emit more toxins to create a lot of burden on the body. In the long run, these conditions pave the ground for diseases and ailments. This happens because the body starts collecting more toxins than what it’s capable of removing. This is where effective detoxification methods, such as coffee enemas, come to the rescue of people desirous of cleaning their gut.

Why Coffee Enemas?

A coffee enema offers plenty of extra benefits in comparison to the regular water-based colonic therapies that have been used so far. Such therapies may stimulate the liver to generate even more glutathione. Glutathione refers to the master anti-oxidant in the body and protects intracellular DNA. It eliminates the toxins present in the cells to detoxify the body in the best manner possible.

As per research reports and recently conducted studies, green coffee beans escalate the production of glutathione by almost 600-700 percent. The most potent and effective means of gaining good results lies in a coffee enema. The reason being that the enzymes present in the digestive tract fail to link up with the nutrients that are on their way to the liver.

Another plus for a coffee enema is that it is helpful for people suffering from digestive problems, liver problems, low energy, gallstones, auto-immune diseases, cancer, and so forth. This type of detoxification process is practiced in almost all types of natural health retreats and cure facilities worldwide. Overall, a coffee enema is very effective in cleansing and detoxifying the system in just a short time.

How to Perform Coffee Enemas?

Coffee enemas can be performed up to four times daily in people suffering from chronic diseases. As per health experts, those wanting to follow sound wellness plans are recommended a coffee enema at least once every week. The process filters out all toxic debris and resets the colon that may have been lying in its stagnant state across days. It is essential to utilize organic coffee; use it after boiling with filtered and pure water for 15 minutes and allowing it to cool down. Do not use tap water under any circumstances. A good proportion of coffee to water pertains to 4 tablespoons of organically produced coffee and 3-4 cups of water. Once the concoction is ready, pour the liquid into an enema kit. After letting the water get into the colon, allowing the fluid to stay in the colon for 10-15 minutes to show good results. Sometimes, the process may prove to be challenging with the user feeling an urge to let go as quickly as possible.

Way Forward for Good Health Care

You may want to get in touch with your nutritionist or health care expert to understand the process of taking a coffee enema effectively. Once the process is completed, you’ll feel a sense of relief in your system. Remember, good gut health leads to a healthy mind and body. Therefore, get a hold on your primary body functions by getting the process underway at the earliest. Detoxify your body by gaining the many benefits of a healthy coffee enema.

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