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Victory At last For Her Knowledgeable, Prof. Alexia Thomas As UK Reviews Visa Policy For Commonwealth Nations

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[pull_quote_center]”My empire is built on the foundation of truth” – Prof. Alexia Thomas[/pull_quote_center]

Justice is never given; but it is exacted and the struggle must be continuous for freedom is never a final act, but a continuing evolving process to higher and higher levels of human social, economic, political and religious relationship” – Phillip A. Randolph

“National injustice is the surest road to national downfall” -William Ewart Gladstone (1808-1898).

As I browsed through the website of my darling Vanguard Newspapers, in the wee hours of Monday, February 13, 2017, I stumbled on a report with headline- UK plans new visa processes for Nigeria, other Commonwealth nations.

The story read:

The United Kingdom is proposing to amend its border control system to give preference to citizens from 52 Commonwealth countries, including Nigeria.

According to 45 members of the UK parliament, Commonwealth countries may get fast-tracked visas to the UK after Brexit, if the proposal sails through.

According to UK Telegraph, the suggestion was made in a letter addressed to Amber Rudd, Home Secretary.

The letter said Commonwealth stood with Britain when it faced “existential threats,” but that UK had left its allies in the cold as it “pivoted to Europe.”

The letter read: “I am writing to urge you to extend the hand of friendship to our Commonwealth partners. In the previous century, Commonwealth countries stood with Britain as we faced existential threats from abroad but as we pivoted to Europe, increasingly, our Commonwealth allies were left in the cold.

“The lack of consideration for Commonwealth citizens is at its starkest at our border. While EU citizens are collecting their luggage or exchanging greetings with loved ones, our Commonwealth friends wait tirelessly in the ‘All other passports’ queue.”  See link- http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/02/uk-plans-new-visa-processes-nigeria-cwealth-nations/

However, after reading this report, what came to my mind immediately was Her Knowledgeable, Professor Alexia Thomas, unarguably, the Greatest Philosopher of the 21st Century and the Greatest, Consistent Defender of the inalienable rights of the Commonwealth nations.

Prof. Alexia Thomas, is the only Commonwealth Advocate still standing tall over the years in defending the rights of the coloured brothers of the Commonwealth nations.

She is one human rights advocate, who has committed the last 17 years of her life fighting to bring to an eternal end, the National Injustice, Human Degradation, Illegal Deportation, Mass Killings and Incarceration perpetrated by the British White Brothers against their Commonwealth brothers domiciled in 54 Commonwealth countries, just because they are coloured. See list of the Commonwealth countries- http://thecommonwealth.org/member-countries.

It was reported that the 45-member UK Parliament has before it a bill to consider Commonwealth countries may get fast-tracked visas to the UK after Brexit.

Offcourse, this proposal is not new to the UK White Brothers, including Her Majesty, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth (II).

One consistent voice in the wilderness that has always called out the UK authorities to consider these inalienable rights of the Commonwealth nations is Prof. Alexia Thomas.

She has always insisted that it was illegal and a violation of the Law of Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948, for the UK authorities to set up STRINGENT visa policies, thus technically barring citizens of the Commonwealth member nations from gaining access into the United Kingdom.

She had over the last 17years frowned at and condemned the despotic ways the UK authorities DEPORT their Coloured brothers, denying them resident permits and extension of their Visas.

For God sake, before a Commonwealth nation like Nigeria gained independence from her colonial master, the United Kingdom on October 1st, 1960, Nigerians need no Visa to gain entry into the UK.

Even, some years after independence, Nigerians also gained entry into the UK without a Visa.

There was abundant love then, reverberating among the Commonwealth nations and their Big Brothers, the United Kingdom.

Then, what happened along the line? The Stringent Visa Policy stifling the access Commonwealth nations had to enter the UK, came on board, when our Big Brothers, left us to join the European Union, EU, on January 1, 1973.

Rather, than see us as their Brothers, the UK White Brothers, saw us as Coloured slaves, who must not associate with them because of the colour of our skin. What a Shame.

That this SHAMBOLIC act had been perpetrated for many years, agitated the sub-consciousness of Her Knowledgeable, Prof. Alexia Thomas, to say Enough is a Enough.

Prof. Alexia Thomas, however, has paid a huge price for this consistent stance of hers.

It is therefore, paramount to state that the proposal before the UK 45-member Parliament must without further delay be remodified to go back to status quo, whereby Commonwealth nations must never need Visa to gain entry into the United Kingdom or other member nations.

Declaring that owing to the successful scale of Brexit, that it has a proposal to making the Visa policy less stringent is absurd and absolute violation of the Law of Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948.

All members of the UK Parliament must be properly guided on the dictates of the Law of Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948.

It is rather also surprising that the United Kingdom who saw to the establishment of the Commonwealth nations (nations colonized by the UK), giving us a Charter, will now turn around dramatically to ABUSE and VIOLATE that same Charter.

Summarily, the Commonwealth Charter states:

The Charter brings together the values and aspirations which unite the Commonwealth – democracy, human rights and the rule of law – in a single, accessible document.

The Charter expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth.

The Charter also acknowledges the role of civil society in supporting the goals and values of the Commonwealth.

Nevertheless, in the Commonwealth Charter, the 54-member nations share core values and principles hinged upon:

1. Democracy
2. Human rights
3. International peace and security
4. Tolerance, respect and understanding
5. Freedom of Expression
6. Separation of Powers
7. Rule of Law
8. Good Governance
9. Sustainable Development
10. Protecting the Environment
11. Access to Health, Education, Food and Shelter
12. Gender Equality
13. Importance of Young People in the Commonwealth
14. Recognition of the Needs of Small States
15. Recognition of the Needs of Vulnerable States
16. The Role of Civil Society

Without much ado, there is no doubt that these core values and principles are considerably or  completely practised in the Commonwealth nations.

However, I want to see a day where all members of the Commonwealth will WILLY NILLY and RELIGIOUSLY practise these guiding core values and principles to the letter.

There would be massive growth and development in all the Commonwealth nations if these values and principles are followed to the letter.

Surmise it to say, however, that the Commonwealth authority needs to stamp its feet on the ground to ensure that its member states act what the Commonwealth Charter preaches.

The Big Brother- United Kingdom, off course, has a greater role to play here.

See link of the Commonwealth Charter- http://thecommonwealth.org/our-charter#sthash.kAVvajnj.dpuf

Nonetheless, this piece would never be complete without copiously introducing the Globally recognized and only Commonwealth advocate, Her Knowledgeable, Prof. Alexia Thomas.


Prof. Alexia Thomas was born on the 2nd of March 1973. She is a Philosopher, Politician, Bureaucrat, Humanitarian, Writer, Curator, Political Advocate, an Idealist, a Socialist, a Counsellor, Teacher, Human Rights Advocate, Legal Practitioner, Activist and Realist.
As a British fiery Human Rights Activist, she is the Founder and Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP), an Opposition Party to the Ruling UK Government and also the Founder and President of the Independent Diplomat Commission (IDC) and thirdly the Chieftain and Pioneer of the Commonwealth Alliance Treaty Commission in the United Kingdom.

Fondly called ‘Royal Mother’, she has been at the fore-front of fighting against the acts of Black Oppression, Slavery, Injustice and their Dehumanization executed by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and their Mercenaries.
She became a Prоfеѕѕоr while teaching Politics and Governance thrоugh hеr еѕtаbliѕhmеnt, a Vocational Academy саllеd thе Indереndеnt Inѕtitutiоnаl Academy in Nigeria frоm 2000 – 2003 and acquired the Hоnоrаrу Prоfеѕѕоrѕhiр in Philоѕорhу as an Encyclopaedia of Knowledge, being a Founder of the Vocational Academy.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is a British Ancient Spirit of Queen Elizabeth I Reincarnation from the 15th Century disguised in the Body of a Black Woman.

She declared her Silence will bring Jeopardy, as she will no longer be quiet  to watch her British Families Depower Colour Peoples Civilization Enrichment.
The Demagogue Professor Alexia Thomas is the beckoning Rock of the Free Commonwealth Peoples Sovereign in the United Kingdom.

The Loudness of her Voice gives Values and Virtues to the People of Commonwealth with her Amassed Wealth of Knowledge, she confirmed that the British Conservative Ruling Government never gave the People of Commonwealth Independence, rather they gave them Sovereignty.
Professor Thomas heroes her Authority in submission, that her Party The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) gave the People of Commonwealth Nations Freedom by Unlocking the Code of Knowledge.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas Unveils her Scheme, The Commonwealth Regeneration Brigadier in her Mandate to relocate People of the Commonwealth Nations back to their African Continent, Asia and Caribbean for Nations Building, to recreate Heaven Towers Settlement in their Ancestral Land in preparation to purge them out of Europe working as Willing Slaves in a Conventional Deceit Diplomacy because of failures from their Government.

She reveals that her White British and European Families do not know the Virtues and Values of Black People and Colored People.

She predicted as an Oracle that in the Year 2035, the White Man will beg to see Colored People in their Land and Settlement.

‘Her Knowledgeable and Royal Mother’ Professor Alexia Thomas in International Circles is an Erudite Scholar, Genius, Acclaimed Freedom Fighter for the Commonwealth Nations, An Accomplished Author, Upholder of Rule of Law, An Encyclopedia and Electrifying Law Reformist.

In the History of Advocacy, She stands out as the most Passionate, Highly Celebrated-Cerebral and Foremost Single Individual whose Consistency, Beliefs, Doggedness and Intellectual Sagacity, she damned Government Insanity to suppress Justice with Despotic Laws, her Reform are to overturn the Suffering, Torture, Dehumanization and Deportation of Coloured and Black People from Great Britain.

She chased the British Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II of England a Mandate to Disband Ex-PM David Cameron’s Government and Ministerial Cabinet for violation of the Law of Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 and for expunging the Ministerial Code in the Commonwealth Charter which made it possible for the United Kingdom Government to disobey International Law, saying that on this discourse British Ruling Conservative Party Government Practices Legislative Confraternity.
As a leading Philosopher whose stance on Equal Rights, Freedom of Expression, Association, in her endowed ‘Solomonic-Wisdom’ and inclination with Divinity she has unlocked the Code of knowledge.

Many of her Apt, timely and profound Philosophies litters most Foreign Journals and referral to Colleges and Undergraduates in Europe, Asia, America and Across Africa.
Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is watered by an Endless Ocean of Ideas, Deeply Thoughts in coherent Vision to Alleviate the Mind and Set People on the Path of Illumination.
She recognizes the Scars, Wear And Tear that Men, Women and Children have endured from Generation to Generation due to Government Despotic Laws.
Her Clinic the Orthodox School of Thoughts is instituted to recreate the New World of her Preposition.

In her Quest to lead the ‘Movement of Liberation’ and ‘Prepare Men and Women for the Battle of Armageddon an ‘Enforcement of the Manifesto Mandate 21st Century of 2021, for a ‘Face of Change,’ she faced ‘Challenges And Trials’, ‘She Faced Death’, ‘She Got Oppressed’, ‘She Was Imprisoned’, ‘The System Humiliated and Manipulated Her’, ‘She Wrote Free Nobles Of Consciousness Of Man’s Will For Government’, ‘Her Reforms were passed into Law’, ‘Her Ideas Were Stolen’ And ‘She Was Denied Recognition’.

To understand the Myth of Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas in finding a lasting solution of the Problems of the Countries of the World and healing the Pains with her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts, to treat the Psychological torture Men, Women and Children have suffered for years from generations to generations, ‘Her Actions, World, Command, Authority and Power Can Be Interpreted For Man To Understand That Her ‘MISSION’ in the World is AN ORCHESTRATION OF A SYMBOLIC SUPERNATURAL BEING THROUGH THE FILM TITLED ‘THE CLASH OF THE TITANS’

Prof Alexia Thomas previous profession was Musical Artiste in which she attained Fame and Stardom from 1987 till 2001 in the shores of Nigeria in the Continent of Africa and she had three Albums to her Credit titled Corruption, Evidence and Woske.
She became a Professor while teaching Politics and Governance through her established Vocational Academy called the Independent Institutional Academy from 1999 to 2003 and was given an Honorary Professorship in Philosophy.
Prof Thomas currently works as a Law Reformist for The Commonwealth Liberation Party and an Independent Diplomat for the Independent Diplomat Commission in the United Kingdom.

She later left the shores of Nigeria as a music diva in 2004 and relocated to London. In the past 17 years in the United Kingdom, UK, her fame has soared all over the Queen’s enclave for a different vocation but music.

It all stems from her boldness, profound ideology in litigation philanthropy and various forms of human right crusades which has brought freedom and hope to hundreds of Commonwealth citizens that were earlier facing arduous and diverse British immigration problems.

At age 17, she realised her talent in singing with the aid of her mother’s advice, she abbreviated Elizabeth to be Lizzy and Ihenyen to be Henz and became known as Lizzy Henz, which became her artistic name.

She met a lady by name Miss Uche and her Male Associate in Festac Town, Lagos approached Prof. Thomas then known as Lizzy by name in a conversation and told her she is beautiful, look like a Model and that she should take up Music as a Career.

This was the beginning of a new dream. Prof. Thomas‘ Mum and Dad refused to support her but she refused giving up her career and pushed her inspiration.

She got herself a company to sponsor her album by name Diya Fatimelehin and Co. They invested in her demo and requested she travels to America for the realisation of her dream.

Prof. Thomas‘ parents stopped the ambition to travel to America because she was a minor as her mum went to her sponsor’s office to threaten him.

Nevertheless, a turbulent Nigerian economy, Prof. Thomas resulted in making her first album production locally.

Though she failed to meet up with her sponsor’s expectation and she lost the financial support to further her career.

At age 22, she realised her first breakthrough of a duo album with her partner, Isaiah Okoro titled ‘Evidence.’

At age 25, she released her solo album called ‘Woske.’ It was difficult for Prof. Thomas to achieve her dream as an artiste as she had no support from the musical label since she refused to flirt with a musical boss and their promoters so she went ahead to release both of her albums on her musical label called Lizalex Records.

At age 19, she gained admission into the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State, to study Mathematics and Computer Science in 1991.
She met her first love Mr. Kayode Agbetusin, got pregnant with her first son, Torpy Agbetusin as refusing to abort the pregnancy left her a young mother and the birth of her son in 1994.

She left University at 200 levels to live with her mother-in-law for support care of her son.

Within 9 months after Torpy’s birth her relationship fell apart with Mr. Agbetusin because she refused to give up her career as a musical artiste.

She could not return back to school in the North of Nigeria as Torpy was still too small for her to take the risk. She had a transfer to University of Lagos and repeated 200 levels again and later the school noticed the transfer was not properly officiated by her previous University.

Prof. Thomas refusal to return to the Northern Nigeria to continue her education made her give course of study and was able to focus fully on her musical career alongside mother hood.
She became a рrоfеѕѕоr while teaching Politics and Governance thrоugh hеr еѕtаbliѕhmеnt, a Vocational Academy саllеd thе Indереndеnt Inѕtitutiоnаl Academy in Nigeria frоm 2000 – 2003 and acquired the Hоnоrаrу рrоfеѕѕоrѕhiр in рhilоѕорhу as an Encyclopaedia of Knowledge, being a Founder of the Vocational Academy.

Prof. Thomas at birth was named Elizabeth Ihenyen.
At age 4, her mother separated from her father and she and her three siblings were taken to the village in Oghabgo-Ekpomo by her mother to live with their grandmother.
At age 8, her father fought hard to bring them back to Lagos where they lived and grew up with their step mother.
At age 17 she realised her talent in singing with the aid of her mother’s advice, she abbreviated Elizabeth to be Lizzy and Ihenyen to be Henz and became known as Lizzy Henz, which became her artistic name.
At age 18, she lost her mother to a mysterious death at age 35.

Having had a mother who was the prettiest woman, she ever knew, who spoilt her with rich gifts. She felt the death of her mother is a strive to achieve greatness not wanting to be consoled by the lost.

Her father’s words of encouragement kept her going “Forget your mother’s wealth, strive to achieve yours”.

Reasons being that Prof. Thomas‘ mother was married to another man and this denied her access to her mother’s wealth. Ever since, her courage is not to value Gold and Silver but wake her conscious knowledge to develop life ethical wisdom.
She has a younger sister Loveth born 1975, living in Canada, a younger brother Alex born 1976, living in Nigeria and another brother Victor born 1978 living in America.

At age 29, she got married to Mr. Lennox Igoche Ikwue in 2002 and modified her Name from Lizzy Henz to Lizzy Ikwue-Henz a marriage that lasted for only 6 years.

At age 35, she separated from her husband due to his infidelity in the marriage and she relinquished the use of her name Lizzy Ikwue-Henz and officially and formally adopted the name Alexia Thomas through deed poll change of name.

Prof. Alexia Thomas attained Celebrity Stardom in Nigerian in 1997, where she was famously known as Lizzy Henz.

She was a single Mother at Age 21, since the birth of her Son Torpy Agbetusin now 23 Years in 2017.

When Torpy was 9 Years in 2002, he started confronting his Mother’s Male Visitors and denying them access to enter her Home and this threatened Prof. Thomas to urgently decide to marry or may end up being a single Mother for the rest of her Life, based on the Africa Belief a Male Child of a Single Mother will drive away her Male Suitors as African Men prefer Single Mothers with Female Child.

Prof. Thomas as a Youthful Mother at Age 29 in 2002 had no option to find love in her 31 Years old lover Mr. Igoche Ikwue from Benue State, Nigeria who she only dated for 2 Weeks from their time of meeting and married him.

Mr. Igoche Ikwue changed his name to Lennox Ikwue to avoid Life Hindrance as proposed by Prof. Thomas that an English Name was preferable.

Mr. Ikwue chose an English name Lennox, and Prof. Thomas ordained his Name to bring light to his life and adopted his new name Mr. Lennox Ikwue.

Prof. Thomas and her Ex-husband cohabited for 6 Years till August 23rd August 2008, they finally broke up their Union and divorced paper signed by the Central Family Court in London on the 28th August 2012.

Prof. Alexia Thomas got her Ex-husband a 2 years visiting Visa with her company Recall Technology Limited in January 2004 and paid for his ticket to relocate to the UK since that was his desire.

Prof. Thomas accompanied her Ex-husband to the UK in February 2004, spent two weeks and returned to Nigeria to continue her Humanitarian work catering for the Disables, Blinds and Lepers.

Prof. Thomas returned to Nigeria from UK and her ex-husband started complaining to her about his hardship in England unbearable for him, so Prof. Thomas transferred from her Domiciliary Account in Oceanic Bank Nigeria, £1,000 to her Ex-husband younger brother Stephen Aernan’s UK Bank Account.

So, Mr. Ikwue for the first time got himself a Home and could afford a Winter Jacket in the British Cold weather.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue on receiving financial support from Prof. Thomas, started threatening to break their 2 years Marriage if she fails to relocate to the UK to join him as a Wife.

He indicated that Prof. Thomas‘ Feminine input will aid him to Climb the Ladder for Financial Success in the UK.

Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas always knew she is not a Wife material because her Career comes first, but to savage the foreseen ruins of her Marriage, she went to British Embassy in Lagos to collect Entry Clearance Visa for her Son Torpy Agbetusin and her daughter Sharon Ikwue and they all re-joined her Ex-husband in April 2004.

Prof. Thomas within one month of relocating to the UK, faced Subjugation and knowing that Black and Coloured People are suppressed in United Kingdom and realising Nationality is Limitation of Stigmatisation a Class War of Deceit Diplomacy for Europe to accumulate Slaves in a Conventional Deceit Diplomacy.

Prof. Thomas resolute to overturn the Injustice against her People of Commonwealth and in just less than 6 Months, she relocated from Africa to Europe, she kicked started her Struggle in August 2004 setting her Company the Black Race Light Association.

She realised there was no way a Civil Rights Movement could succeed in England and with her insight to the Periphery of Solicitors been forced to be Regulated before they can Practise is a Legislative Impediment that takes away their Powers.

In a nutshell Solicitors in the United Kingdom have the Name but are muted in their Significance.

In her retrospect of Solicitors Limitation, Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas resonated a Diplomatic Commission the Independent Diplomatic Commission (IDC) set as a Company in 2007, so she worked as an Independent Diplomat until it became a Political Party Third Campaigner in November 2014 and now the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party’ officiated in March 2015.

Prof. Thomas Acumen and her Code Quotes – ‘NO ROOM FOR SLUM DOG POLITICS’, is the mantle why The Commonwealth Peoples Freedom and their Sovereign Rights in the United Kingdom is recognised by Law Today.

Prof. Thomas said she never thought she was really in love with her Ex-husband, other than she married him out of infatuation.

She said he was a Stranger to her because her Virtues were imprisoned by agreeing to be his Wife in just 2 weeks of their Courtship. Prof. Thomasrecalled it was all the idea of her Private Secretary Ms. Ama in Lagos Nigeria in 2002.

Ms. Ama misdirected her to marry a Stranger for a Husband. She said Mr. Lennox Ikwue her Ex-husband visited her Office to seek Solace and Financial Support to relocate back to England, where he previously lived for 8 Years and had retuned back to Nigeria 3 years before he met her.
Mr. Lennox Ikwue told Prof. Thomas he had left the UK in fears that he could be convicted and go to jail for his Crimes of Fraud in 1998 in which 6 of his Friends were already jailed.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue told Prof. Thomas he had Voluntarily returned to Nigeria to avoid Imprisonment in the UK.

Prof. Thomas realised she could reform him since he was willing to learn and change. She found no fault in him after hearing his Story as he told her 3 of his brothers (Richard Ikwue, Robert Ikwue and Stephen Aernan) and a Senior Sister Josephine lives in the UK as they have all abandoned him because they regarded him as a Failure.

Prof. Thomas realised any Offences he may have committed in the UK leading to him Voluntarily Relocating to Nigeria was a result of his Youthful Exuberance.

Prof. Thomas decided to support Mr. Lennox Ikwue who equally had charmed her with his Internet Skills having registered her Black Race Light Association to the European Union Conferences on Sustainability Impact Assessment of Trade Agreement in Brussels on the 6th and 7th February 2003 attended by both her and her Ex-husband because. Prof. Thomas is a Woman who believes in the Dignity of Labour, so she gave Mr. Lennox Ikwue an opportunity to be Part of her World.

As silly as it may Sound, the reality while Prof. Thomas blindly married a Stranger as her Husband was because her Ex-boyfriend Mr. Ngozi Okolie from 1997 to 2002 was having an affair with her Secretary, a Calabar Woman and Mother of two.

This infidelity, Prof. Thomas felt humiliated that her Ex-boyfriend Mr. Ngozi Okolie belittled himself, hence she could not comprehend his act of infidelity. To get rid of him out of her life, she found succour with her Ex-husband Lennox Ikwue and in just 2 weeks Courtship, she married him to end her relationship with her boyfriend, Mr. Ngozi Okolie equally known as Mr. Alex Okolie.

Prof. Thomas Ex-husband could not get a Job and worked as a Retail Sales Man with Zara and other Central London Stores. In their 6 Years co-habitation, they had four daughters (Sharon, Cara, Martha and Nicky).

Prof. Thomas advised her Ex-husband to stop working as a Retails Sales Man and offered him a Job in her Company the Independent Diplomat Commission as a Secretary and placed him on an earning of £1,000 Monthly in 2007 and she was responsible for paying the House Rent, Paying the Utilities Bills and providing Food.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue saved his Money while Prof. Thomas built her Company Status and Integrity. Mr. Lennox Ikuwe had no serious commitment other than taking the Children to School.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue in the cause of taking and picking their Children from School, Ms. Joanna Lamb, started flirting with her daughter Sharon Ikwue’s Teacher.

Unknown to Prof. Thomas, her Ex-Husband’s relationship with Joanna Lamb had gone unnoticed for one year.

Prof. Thomas said she once heard her daughter mentioned a Name called Joe in July 2007 when she came Home with a Dog in the bag.

Prof. Thomas asked her daughter how she got the Toy dog, Sharon Ikwue told her mother Prof. Thomas, that Teacher Joe gave her the Dog as the best Student of the Week.

As Sharon continuously came Home week after week with the Toy Dog in a White Bag, Prof. Thomas became suspicious and now believes the Toy Dog in the Bag given to Sharon was a Demonic Spy Dog Witchcraft of Joanna Lamb a Voodoo she used to hypnotize her Ex-husband Lennox Ikwue to aid their False Occupation of her Home since August 2008 till date.

This is not in doubt because Jamaicans are known for Voodoo Charms and Ritualist as this happened because she was too busy working Hard for Commonwealth Peoples Liberation so she missed the Focus to Protect her Home from Vultures intruding to steal from her hard earned Wealth.

In 2005, Prof. Thomas fractured her left Humorous Bone on her left harm badly damaged, so she got support from the State and when she recovered her husband continued claiming the Children’s Benefit of £800 every month as she relinquished rights to him to claim the Money.

Prof. Thomas ended her relationship with Mr. Ikwuе because of his infidelity and he moved out of the Family House in June 2008 to live with his Jamaican girlfriend Ms. Joanna Lamb. Mr. Ikwue after 6 Weeks begged his Wife to let him return Home and assist her with the Care of their four Children (Sharon, Cara, Martha and Nicky) a decision she regretted till today because her Spiritual Father Alhaji Dabiri who lives in Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria who once lived in London for 40 years and relocated back to Nigerian warned her not to take him back in the Family Home as he sees danger that he would harm her.

He told Prof. Thomas that Mr. Ikwue is befriending a Woman 7 Years older than him. This turned to be true prediction when the Veil of Ms. Joanna Lamb was made known to Prof. Thomas.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue perceiving the interest to have their four Children to his care when he knew Prof. Thomas was not willing to have him back to the Family Home, He and his girlfriend Joanna Lamb plotted to have Prof. Thomas Sectioned in a Mental Hospital, so they could take her Home and claim possession of her Children in a bid to extort the State Benefit in their Names.

Mr. Lennox Ikwue and his girlfriend. Ms. Joanna Lamb plans worked, but Prof. Thomas was too smart. So, she contained herself and told the doctor it was all a Plot to steal from Her Home and maliciously claim her Children’s benefit.

Prof. Thomas undermined her Spiritual Father’s Advice and the result was Mr. Ikwue penetrating her and lied to the Psychiatric Hospital that Prof. Thomas had a mental Problem and she was Sectioned under the Mental Health Act (Section 2) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, London.

Prof. Thomas sacked Mr. Lennox Ikwue as the Secretary of Independent Diplomat Commission because he maliciously signed her Company Cheque without Prof. Thomas‘ consent, part of her riches he was spending on this girlfriend, Ms. Joanna Lamb.

Within 7 days of Prof. Alexia Thomas being Sectioned, the Doctor found no Mental illness in her. The Social Worker, Karina Marris in Greenwich prior to Prof. Thomas admission gave her Home Keys to Mr. Ikwue to return Home and care for their Children in her absence, since it was more expensive to have a Child Minder Care for the Four Children.
The reason Prof. Thomas was First detained on Section 2 in 2008, a 28 days Assessment and accused of Delusional Grandiosity is because her Ex-husband informed the Mental Health Assessment Team that Prof. Thomas claimed to be Reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth I.

This has baffled her White Lawyers Counterpart, as no one get Section for claiming to be a Reincarnation of any body, because Reincarnation Theory has been Scientifically tested to be True.

Prof. Thomas was Section by a Black Ghanaian uneducated enough for this Mystery.

Those who hurt Prof. Thomas in the Past from External Service Providers will be pardoned because in 2008, the Myth of Prof. Thomas had been hidden under her Ex-husband Cajole to prosper in her and Ridiculed her to All and Sundry.

Prof. Alexia Thomas was a frontline campaigner of Brexit having in several articles enumerated and condemned the dangerousity of the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union.

True to her living words, the United Kingdom pulled out of the European Union in 2016, after a Brexit Referendum.

As Professor Alexia Thomas has through her writings, audio and video recordings fought for the inalienable rights of the commonwealth people, and nations, it is therefore expedient to give KUDOS to this Philosopher, Politician, Bureaucrat, Humanitarian, Writer, Curator, Political Advocate, Idealist, Socialist, Counsellor, Teacher, Human Rights Advocate, Legal Practitioner, Activist and Realist, for her unflinching efforts to see that the Law of Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948.

See link of the about 30 Universal Declaration of Human Rights- http://www.humanrights.com/what-are-human-rights/universal-declaration-of-human-rights/articles-21-30.html

Finally, watch some of the audios and videos of Prof. Thomas where she gallantly advocates for the freedom of Commonwealth citizens.

This can be viewed on YouTube- Commonwealth Freedom Liberty Rally 21st Century Mandate:

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