diamond diamonds

A diamond is known for many things. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and looks good in almost any setting. While it’s hard to debate about the beauty of this precious stone, people do debate on which aspect of a diamond is the most important.

The 4 Cs are the touchstone of all diamonds.
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

Of these, cut is the one we shine a light on, today.

When we speak of the cut of the diamond, we do not mean the shape of the stone. This is a common misconception. The cut is something deeper. A diamond needs to have scintillation, brilliance and fire.

Scintillation is the brief bursts or sparks of light in a stone

Brilliance is the light that is reflected on the stone

Fire refers to the way the light splinters into colors.

diamond diamonds

The other three Cs affect all these aspects. For instance, if there is a trace of color in the stone, the sparkle may be less. Similarly, the carat weight can create less or more shine. But the cut is what holds all this together.

But, a badly cut diamond will not show the beauty of the stone, no matter how much money you spend on it. This makes the cut so vital.

The cut of a diamond creates facets on its surface. When the light is reflected off these facets, the diamond does what it’s so known for- it shines. Rather, it flashes with brilliant light, causing it to glint and glitter. The ‘brilliance’ of a diamond comes from its gift to send back light into the world. This is a general term to refer to the shine, evenness and dimensions of a stone.

The most common facet techniques are:

Brilliant cut

The most recognizable cut, here the facets are triangular in shape. They start from the heart of the diamond and fan out till the edges of the stone.

Step cut

Lengthened facets are arranged in rows and resemble a seemingly infinite staircase.

The cuts range from something less shining to something great. Here are a few:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Excellent
  • Ideal
  • Super Ideal

Fair is not a cut quality we would recommend, this kind of cut does generate a small bit of fire and brilliance. If you’re looking to buy a good cut without burning a hole in your pocket, the Good Cut is what you should consider. Like the very name suggests, Super Ideal cut diamonds aren’t easy to find at all. In fact, just about 5% of stones get to call themselves Super Ideal! So, if you’re looking for something great and can spend some money, look for Ideal or Excellent cuts.

One must also keep in mind that the way in which the cut stone is made symmetrical and polished makes a difference to the overall appearance of the stone. It’s not just the stone, but each and every facet that’s polished to a high luster. Care is also taken to ensure that each facet is shaped to its finest form. Anything less, the diamond does not shine as well as it should.

The cut of the stone is vital for a good looking stone. If the stone is cut too deep, the diamond will appear small, even when the stone is in actuality, larger. Cut too shallow and the diamond doesn’t shine so bright because light escapes from the sides not the top. The ideal cut is premier. Care is taken to create a shine that enhances the quality of the diamond.

The cut is the most important factor to determine the beauty, the gorgeousness of the stone. No matter how large or small, if the stone is cut well, it will look attractive. When a stone is cut well, it works to trap light, and then in a prism-like fashion, it shines with all its glory. This is important for those of you who feel a larger diamond automatically means more brilliance. That’s not always the case.

A large stone, with a large carat weight, may look like it has more value. And yes, a larger carat does cost more. But it’s of no use if the stone is not cut well. A badly cut large stone will not shine or express the light it contains, well. On the other hand, a small stone when cut well, an Ideal cut can make even a small stone look fabulous.

Now imagine the setting of the diamond. Well cut small diamonds with other stones can create a shining surface on any piece of jewelry you wear. A ring, brooch, necklace or earrings. Thus, no matter what the diamond is and how much you’re willing to spend, if it’s a special occasion, make sure it’s a diamond that has the best cut. This will make your choice of stone shine, making it ideal to flash around. Literally. Cut makes the key difference.


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