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Daily Encourager: A Christmas Alphabet

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Daily Encourager is a weekly inspirational publication.

A is for Angels, appearing so bright,
Telling of Jesus, that first Christmas night.

B is for Bethlehem, crowded and old,
Birthplace of Jesus, by prophets foretold.

C is for Cattle, their manger His bed,
There in the stable, where He laid His head.

D is for David and his ancient throne
Promised forever, to Jesus alone.

E is for East, where shone the bright star
Which Magi, on camels, followed from afar.

F is for Frankincense, with myrrh and gold,
Brought by the Wise Men, as Matthew has told.

G is for God, who from heaven above
Sent down to mankind, His great gift of love.

H is for Herod, whose murderous scheme
Was told to Joseph, through a nocturnal dream.

I is for Immanuel, which means “God with us,”
For in us He lives, when in Him we trust..

J is for Joseph, who, when told to wait,
Obeyed God’s word, with absolute faith.

K is for King. King of Kings He would be,
Coming in power and in great majesty.

L is for Love that He brought down to earth
That night in the stable by His lowly birth.

M is for Mary, His mother so brave,
Counting God faithful and mighty to save.

N is for Night, when the Savior was born
For the nations of earth and for people forlorn.

O is for Omega, meaning “the last;”
He’s eternal: present, future and past.

P is for Prophets, when living on earth
Foretold His redemption and His blessed birth.

Q is for Quickly, as the shepherds who heard
Hastened to act, on that heavenly word.

R is for Rejoice, because the guilt of our sin
Is banished forever, when Jesus comes in.

is for Savior. To be this, He came;
To secure our salvation, by His Glorious Name.

T is for Tidings related to all,
Telling of Him, who was born in a stall.

U is for Us, to whom Jesus was given
To show us the way and take us to Heaven.

V is for Virgin, foretold by the sage,
God’s revelation, on prophecy’s page.

W is for Wonderful, His works and His words,
The King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords.

X is for Christ. It’s X in the Greek,
Anointed, Messiah, mighty, yet meek.

Y is for Yeshua, called God’s Yes in His Word;
God’s answer to all, is Jesus the Lord.

Z is for Zeal as it burned in Christ’s heart.
Lord, by thy Spirit, to us zeal impart.

Author Unknown

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