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Dear Men: Be The Most Romantic Guy Ever With These 10 Tips

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There is a certain type of men who like to complain that romance is dead and it’s all women’s fault, because of feminism and striving for gender equality.

These types of guys are not the topic of this article though, these men can continue complaining and then wonder why they don’t have the fulfilling relationship that they all desire.

The tips that follow are for those great guys who really love their significant other but are finding it hard to come up with original ideas to show their love; so here are some simple romantic tips and ideas that you can’t go wrong with. Read on, if you’re one of them.

1. “I just called to say I love you”

Seriously, there is not a single person in this world who wouldn’t like to hear that they are loved. And what better way to express your love than to do it unexpectedly? Call her at the office and tell her how much you love her, it’s as simple as that. It could be a little tricky if she’s super busy at that precise moment, but then you can just text her.

2. Surprise her with a delicious snack

While we’re on the subject of a busy day at the office, another thing you can do for your lady is to have something sweet delivered to her in the middle of the day. You know how it is, when there’s a lot of work, we might even forget to eat, so a delicious snack will come in handy. Even if she’s dieting or weight-watching, you can think of something healthy too, like a little fruit and berries basket, for example. Use your imagination and be creative!

3. Plan a memorable anniversary

It’s sad but we rarely have the time and energy to organize an anniversary celebration. We might think that we don’t care but, honestly, any girl would love it if you surprised her and organized a beautiful celebration of your relationship. This is one of those romantic gestures that may take some planning but it’s certainly worth it. Beautiful moments will always stay with her as wonderful memories.

4. Do the chores

We know you already do some chores and your lady certainly appreciates it, but imagine how nice it would be if she woke up on Friday morning, planning things to do, such as to do the laundry, clean the bathroom, and then she finds that you are already doing it all. Yes, cleaning the bathroom can definitely be a romantic gesture. After all, the secret to being romantic is being able to put yourself in your lady’s shoes, even for a moment.

5. Just look into her eyes and kiss her

Sometimes all it takes to give your lady that warm feeling of romance is looking into her eyes and hugging her. Eye contact is very important in any fulfilling relationship and so is physical contact that doesn’t necessarily have a lovemaking subtext. On the contrary, such simple gestures would show your girl that you love every bit of her, and you like showing your love and care for no special reason, just because she is your girl.

6. Be there for her

Whenever she’s experiencing a major change in her life, such as a career change or having a baby, be there for her and make sure she knows it. Show her your support, and, more importantly, demonstrate it with your actions. Actions speak louder than words, you know.

7. Dedicate one whole day to her

This means letting her do whatever she wants and you doing whatever needs doing around the house. You probably can imagine how great it feels to have one entire day of relaxation and pampering without getting those annoying distractions and reminders that dinner needs to be cooked, laundry needs to be done, or dog needs walking. Do all these things for her on that day and earn a mental medal as the most thoughtful and caring man in the world.

8. Be a gentleman

Here’s a secret – even the staunchest feminist likes to get pampered and treated like a lady from time to time. If you like, you can consider it a role play (especially if your girl really is a staunch feminist). So, be a gentleman for your lady and open doors for her, pay the bill when you take her to dinner, and kiss her hand. Listen when she talks, and don’t try to solve all her problems, just listen.

9. Take care of yourself

This means making sure that you look your best around her. You do like her to look well around you, don’t you? Well, so does she. Letting yourself go is something that sometimes happens to both men and women in a long-term relationship. Try to resist this – it’s really romantic to try and always look (and smell) good for her, just like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

10. Flowers, gifts and thoughtful romantic surprises

And yes, of course, almost all ladies love flowers, gifts and romantic surprises, and they not necessarily should be over-the-top expensive. Even a handwritten love letter or a poem brought to your lady together with her breakfast in bed in the morning will make her day. Just be creative, ask her what she loves and don’t wait until her next birthday. Gifts and flowers given for no reason are always the most memorable.

Stay happy!

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