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Dear Nigerian Youth, Why Aren’t You Angry With This Mess Of A Government?

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Dear Nigerian Youth,

Why aren’t you angry? Why aren’t you angry that you have been robbed? They told you all sorts of stories and took your votes, your mandate, your choice and in less than one year denied all they promised you. Why aren’t you angry?

They claimed they don’t need a fleet of aircraft, that they would turn it into an airline, now we see them floating all over with the same planes – Why are you okay with it?

They told you removing subsidy and subsequently buying fuel at N140 a litre is robbery, now you are buying at N300 a litre and subsidies are still paid, why are you quiet?

They promised to hit the ground running, almost a year later, you still don’t have their road map. They promised you 3 million jobs a year, not only have you not seen 1 job but they have taken 1.5 million jobs from you with their bad economic policies – Why aren’t you angry?

A third of the year is gone, you are in the 4th month of the year and the 2016 budget is yet to be a reality…in an economy that is so dependent on government, not one person has been indicted in this anti corruption crusade for the padding and re-padding of the budget – Why aren’t you asking questions?

It’s been two months with unavailability of petrol with no end in sight, why brothers and sisters why?

Elections that were conducted free and fair just a year ago are all inconclusive now – why so docile?

When will you stand up for yourselves? When will you speak out against the wrong? When will you?

From the PVC Movement

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