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Sexy & Confident: Demi Lovato Goes Topless For Complex Magazine (PHOTOS)

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American singer, Demi Lovato is the superstar on the cover of the October/November 2015 issue of Complex Magazine.

The 23-year-old spoke about several topics including being inspired by the Kardashian sisters to feel confident about her body.

“When [the Kardashians] came into the spotlight, they kind of revolutionized what beauty was when it came to body shapes.

“For so long, it was the heroin-chic ’90s supermodel thing, and I feel like, when the Kardashians came into the picture, people started to look at it because it was different. They were like, ‘You know what? That’s actually really beautiful,'” she explained.

She also confirmed that she is no longer friends with singer and actress, Selena Gomez. When asked if they fell out because of pop singer Justin Bieber, Demi responded:


“He’s actually a nice guy. I don’t really know him that well, but he seems to have grown up. He looks like he’s maturing. But, you know, when you’re young and you get older, you change and people change.

“You have things in common, and then all of a sudden, you don’t. It’s just a part of life.”

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