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#SoundOff: Comparing PDP’s Anti-Corruption Fight With The Buhari Attempt [MUST READ’

Must read

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]DP fought corruption by blocking leakages and under PDP high ranking people were sacked and some were convicted irrespective of party affiliation. But under APC, all it takes to be a saint is to carry broom

Anti-corruption War during 16 years of PDP.

Obasanjo sacked his police chief, Tafa Balogun for corruption.

OBJ backed the impeachment of the then Senate President, Adolphus Wabara for alleged corruption.

OBJ sacked his own ministers – Fabian Osuji, S.M Afolabi, Hussein Akwanga, Tim Menakaya, for alleged corruption, just as he sacked Mrs. Mobolaji Osomo for alleged corruption.

Obasanjo backed the impeachment of the former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha  for alleged corruption.

Late former president Yar’Adua sacked Mrs Adenike Grange as Minister of Health for alleged administrative infraction.

Goodluck Jonathan also sacked Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina as the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform for alleged corruption (Though our anti-corruption crusader, Buhari brought back Mains).

Buhari’s Anti-Corruption  Drama

President Mumu Buhari and his ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, party are using the anti-corruption crusade as a way of distracting Nigerians from the serious problems that the country is facing.

Fighting corruption is a noble and courageous act in a country like Nigeria where it has eaten deep into its fiber but the problem with Buhari’s anti-corruption tactics is that they are not sincere.

It is impossible to advance yourself as an anti-corruption crusader when the major benefactors of your campaign are among the most corrupt Nigerians.

After his election, Buhari gave voice to these people by appointing them to his cabinet and other governmental parastatals.

Buhari’s anti-corruption agenda has been reduced to a witch-hunt of the members of the opposition Party(PDP).

It’s almost 3 Years that Buhari was sworn in as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria but no member of the APC has been arrested or prosecuted. Yet, a substantial number of the members of the ruling APC have been accused of corruption, but they are protected by federal might by the man that rode on the wing of “I will fight corruption” to get to power.

Just to remind Nigerians that the N270 million grass cutting scandal has been swept under the carpet of Aso Rock.

IkoyiGate is a forgotten issue as it concerns the untouchable APC Members.

The luxurious houses in Dubai allegation has been submerged with a threat to send the military after anyone that dares to speak about it again.

Houses seized during GEJ regime over corruption cases have been returned as the owners carried broom.

The $300,000 and the 3 SUVs collected from Dasuki has turned the case to secret trial.

Even talking of the witch-hunting of PDP members, has a single person been convicted since the harassment started under Buhari 3 years ago?

Emmanuel Olorunmagba is a minister of the gospel, the president, and founder of Total Liberation Mission, Kaduna, Nigeria, You can reach him on Facebook at Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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