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BREAKING NEWS: US Electoral College Affirms Donald Trump As 45th President

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The Electoral College has affirmed Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th president, pushing him past the 270-vote threshold for election, with scant evidence of the anti-Trump revolt among electors that some of his critics had hoped would occur.

Normally a political footnote, the electoral vote took on unexpected import this winter after Mr. Trump’s upset of Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote, spawned a determined effort to block his path to the presidency by grass-roots advocates who saw him as unfit for the White House and, to some, a threat to the political system.

Presidential electors — and particularly Republican electors, who are bound by tradition and often state law to support Mr. Trump — were inundated with phone calls, emails and even threats demanding that they vote for someone else. Leaders of groups that were lobbying the electors had privately believed they had a chance to persuade enough Republican electors to defect, denying him an Electoral College majority and throwing the election to the House of Representatives.

But by late Monday, only a handful of electors had broken ranks. A full vote tracker is here.

Anti Donald Trump Protesters gathered at the Capitol in Lansing, Mich., before the state’s 16 electors cast their votes. | Rachel Woolf/The New York Times

Read the full report at The News York Times.

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