5 Easy Ways To Moisturize Oily Skin

5 Easy Ways To Moisturize Oily Skin

By Lifestyles | The Trent on August 8, 2017
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A lot of people with oily skin skip applying moisturizers for two reasons.

One, they think they’re not necessary. Two, they find them annoying.

While their reasons are completely understandable, not applying moisturizers is actually one of the reasons why they have oily skin in the first place. From blemishes to wrinkles, we all have our problems to deal with https://misumiskincare.com/ can give you aid you need when you are unsure about where you should seek help. In the end, we all want to just get the problem out of our hair as soon as possible, with the best effects. And it’s probably the same reason for you.

When skin isn’t properly hydrated , it finds a way to compensate and protect itself. One way it does that is by producing more oil.  It does not look good to have excessive oil on your skin especially when wearing make-up. It is worth the effort to learn more about how to use the right moisturizer on a daily basis. By now, we all know that oily skin needs a special treatment and extra attention.

And that is where most problems happen.

You see, when there’s too much oil on the surface of your skin, pores can easily get clogged. Your skin will appear dull and you’ll be more prone to acne and blemishes.

Oily skin can make it challenging for you to apply your makeup, too.

But, how exactly do you moisturize oily skin? Here are 5 easy tips you can use.

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Find the right moisturizer

This is the first thing you need to do. Even if you apply your moisturizer daily, you’ll still have a hard time controlling your excess oil if you aren’t using the right moisturizer.

The best moisturizer for your skin type is one that is oil-free. The last thing you want is to add more oil to your already oily face.

Find a moisturizer that’s non comedogenic and lightweight, too. Heavier moisturizers can clog pores and cause skin breakouts.

In most cases, the right moisturizer for oily skin can be as effective as a moisturizer for acne prone skin.

Know the right application

It’s easy to say you’re applying moisturizer, but are you applying it correctly?

Ideally, you should start applying your moisturizer on the areas of your cheeks. Use upward and outward strokes for application and be sure to be gentle, particularly in your eyebrow and eye areas.

Use just the right amount of moisturizer so you won’t choke your skin and pores. You can use your fingers but be sure you’ve washed them first.

Apply moisturizer at the right time

The best time to apply moisturizers is right after cleansing while the skin is damp. This way, you’ll be able to lock in moisture into your skin.

As with your face, you should also moisturize your body after showering. If you have acne-prone skin, you can buy an AHA body lotion.

Apart from moisturizing the skin, it can also help prevent body acne and keep your skin soft and smooth.

Moisturizers should be applied daily, preferably twice a day.

Know when to change your moisturizer

Depending on the humidity and temperature, you may need to amp up your skincare routine and change moisturizers. This is because skin reacts to change in season.

Products that may have controlled your oily skin during the summer may not have the same effect during the colder months.

Fluctuations in your hormones, which typically come during pregnancy and monthly period, can also cause your skin to behave differently.

If you know you’re going to get your period soon, you can use a medicated moisturizer to curb your skin’s oil production and keep acne at bay. If you are experiencing pregnancy acne, don’t use any product without consulting your healthcare provider.

Use face masks

Face masks are great in making skin healthy and youthful-looking. They are great in brightening the skin, too.

For your skin type, there are face masks you can use to detoxify your pores and draw out impurities that can cause skin breakouts. You can try clay masks or homemade face masks made from natural ingredients.

Use them a couple of times each week or whenever you feel your skin need extra care.


Moisturizing is an essential skin care step not just for dry skin, but those with oily skin, too. In choosing your moisturizer, make sure you know exactly what you should be looking out for.

It helps to pay attention to the products you are going to apply on your skin, particularly their ingredients. Any wrong formula or components can easily cause mayhem to your skin.

Apply moisturizer daily, especially after washing your face or taking a shower. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier it will get.

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