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Ever Wondered What World Leaders Look Like On The Toilet? Well Here You Go…

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Ever wondered what world leaders look like on the loo? Well here you go...
The Queen on her throne (Picture: Cristina Guggeri)

Dear HRH, we’re SO sorry…

It’s a fact of life that everyone, and we mean EV-ER-Y-ONE, has to use the loo (yes, even the Queen and Barak Obama).

But if you’re having trouble visualising this (not that we’re entirely sure why you’d want to), then help is finally at hand.

Italian digital artist Cristina Guggeri aka. Krydy, has created a series of striking images called ‘Daily Duty’, showing world leaders on the loo.

She explained: ‘We do the daily duties in the same way. We are sitting on our “Throne” in silence, only with ourselves’

So, well, here you go, world leaders as you’ve never seen them before…

Putin doing a p…


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)

Barak Obama deep in thought…


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)

The Pope taking a p…


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)


Angela Merkel mulling over some numbers


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)


The Dalai Lama doing a d…


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)


Silvio Berlusconi in his blinged-out bog…


(Picture: Cristina Guggeri)

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